Makeup Monday Theme Ideas

Since the first Makeup Monday was such a huge success, we'll definitely be continuing it here on! This means that every month, I'll be looking for a new theme for all of my lovely readers. If you have a theme idea, please post them below! You never know when your idea might get chosen!

If you're not familiar with Makeup Monday on, definitely check out my introductory post: What Is Makeup Monday?

I can't wait to see what ideas you all come up with!



  1. I so love that you are doing this! My idea is ICE CREAM. Can you imagine all the possibilities?!

  2. I think exotic birds would be a great theme!

  3. ooohhh I love all the ideas so far. I have tons.

    Comic/cartoon characters
    have an object inspired look and ask readers to submit pics of their looks along with a pic of their object
    a re-creation of one of your looks


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