Sugarpill Loose Eyeshadows | Swatches

Yup...more swatches from Sugarpill! This time I'm here with five loose eyeshadows. I do have another loose eyeshadow swatch post if you'd like to see that one too!

Sugarpill Sweetheart Palette | Swatches

You know...I really don't feel the need to fully review anything from Sugarpill anymore. They're ridiculously everything they have. You'll thank me. xoxo

Wearable Purple Eyes feat. Sugarpill Cosmetics

As much as I love bright eyeshadow and bold looks, I've definitely been gravitating more towards wearable color lately...for a while now actually. I get that bright pop but by adding neutral colors, everything is toned down. It's a look that's still fun, but not too over the top for my current taste.

MAC Rainbow Eyes

It was 4 years ago when I first had my makeup done at a MAC counter back home in the San Fransisco Bay Area. It was actually a makeup lesson; a $50 giftcard held my appointment and I was able to use that money towards product after my lesson. The manager did an awesome job showing me how to do a rainbow eye (featured here) with precise placement and flawless blending. She also showed me how to apply false lashes which, until that day, I couldn't apply for the life of me. She also turned me on to Studio Fix Fluid foundation and powder, both of which I still use to this favorite foundation EVER.

I never recreated the look after all this time, until now. Enjoy :)

Purple Eyes with Blue Liner feat. wet n wild

My first look using Glamrock and Sellout, the beautiful new purple and pink Color Icon eyeshadow singles from wet n wild, as well as another new product of theirs -- the Indigo Blue MegaLast liquid eyeliner. I also used the Petal Pusher 8 palette to keep with the purple theme.

Smokey MAC Hepcat Eyes

Why MAC? Why...why did you discontinue Hepcat? How could you? O_O

Hepcat of my favorite colors from MAC; A bright wine that's completely versatile. It can be used in bright looks, wearable, smokey, anything. But...discontinued. You may still be able to find it at your local MAC counter or store.