A Holly Jolly Eucerin Giveaway

The holidays are here and so is winter. If you've been burdened with the dry skin that's often caused by this season, Eucerin has just what you need--12 days of skin tips and another awesome giveaway.

12 Days of Skin Tips

1) Cold, dry, winter weather can be tough on your hands, wear gloves to help keep them protected against harsh winter elements.

2) Keep your showers short and sweet and use lukewarm water. Bathing for long periods in hot water can cause skin to lose natural oils and nutrients.

3) Winter can wreak havoc on your skin because there is less moisture in the air, low humidity. Give your skin a boost and run a humidifier at night to help add moisture.

4)Relieve dryness associated with frequent hand washing by washing with lukewarm water, using a gentle soap, and applying moisturizer right after drying your hands.

5) 3 steps to revive dry feet. 1) Remove dry, flaky skin with a pumice stone. 2) Apply a rich moisturizer, like Eucerin’s Aquaphor Healing Ointment before bed. 3) Throw on a pair of socks to lock in the moisture and go to sleep!

6) Try Eucerin Calming Crème (with oatmeal) to help dry, itchy skin this season.

7) Chemicals and allergens in certain makeups, perfumes, soaps, and detergents can cause skin irritation. Avoid products that you know have irritated your skin and use gentle cleansers!

8) Snow reflects sunlight, making it important to wear an SPF product like Eucerin Daily Protection Moisturizing Face Lotion SPF 30 all year round for protection from UVA and UVB rays.

9) Coarse fabrics can cause itchiness if you have sensitive skin. Go for something silky!

10) Getting a full six to eight hours of sleep is important for your overall well-being and helps your skin look its best. Get to bed early to get plenty of shut-eye

11) Tame chapped lips. For lip hydration, try applying a few drops of olive oil and honey or pick up Aquaphor Lip Repair + Protect SPF 30.

12) Wind can act like sandpaper when constantly hitting exposed skin. Protect skin with a rich moisturizer and bundle up with hats and scarves.

Giveaway Prizes

Eucerin Smoothing Repair Dry Skin Lotion (16.9 fl. oz.) a unique, fast absorbing lotion that combines Ceramide-3, skin’s own moisturizers, and Gluco-Glycerol to improve the condition of skin and help fight dryness at the source.

Eucerin Professional Repair Extremely Dry Skin Lotion (6.8 fl. oz.) helps alleviate and repair extremely dry skin with a unique concentrated formula that features a groundbreaking technology. (aka the best lotion I've EVER used.)

moisturizing gloves

a pumice stone

$100 Visa Gift Card

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Lisa Brown said...

I am staying home for the holidays this year

Kay L said...

Spending time with family is always in the plans. The holidays are just a reason to party it up just that much more!

Icequeen81 said...

sounds a good give away

Jess said...

spending the holiday time with the family..

Kris said...

Spending time with my family

JoJo said...

Annual Family Dinner and hopefully working on New Years resolution.

M. said...

Catching up with relatives. :)

Betty said...

Spending it with my family

Roman M said...

Being with family!

Kimberly Lazor said...

I stayed at home this year, and prepared the dinner.

honeycherry18 said...

I'll be spending the holidays with family members at their homes. :)

MaviDeniz said...

I'll be spending time with family.

I love Eucerin. Definitely my favorite drugstore lotion


Leah said...

Like everyone else, I'll be seeing my family. They pretty much all live in the same area, so holidays are really easy to get together! I love all the lotion giveaways I've been seeing lately, winter can really destroy the skin!

Supriya said...

We went to Dallas to visit my brother

Erin said...

I'll be spending time with family & friends!

Tina said...

Spending time with my family

mones said...

i'm just running out of my regular lotion so i could use some of this ;-)

LaLa. said...

When I do buy drugstore Lotion, Eucerin is ALWAYS my first pick!!!! So moisturizing.

Rachael said...

I am having everyone over to my house!!
Thanks for the awesome giveaway :)
Rachael W

Kellie's Camera said...

Lunch with my family at home! :)

annette said...

I still need to get my Christmas shopping done.

Mami2jcn said...

Staying home with my family.

Miranda M. said...

Great giveaway for the winter, could definitely come in handy :)

For the holidays, Thanksgiving and Christmas, I will be eating a ton, watching TLC shows, and spending time with my family.

Miranda M.

A Bit Prissy said...

I went back home to Alabama and spent time with family!

Elena said...

I am celebrating with my family at home

Miranda M. said...

Oh this is unrelated, but I have a big bottle of Eucerin on my desk at work and everyone uses it because our air is so dry. So just the visual of everyone gathering at the desk and pumping out Eucerin and talking about how soft it feels...haha good times

Miranda M.

Tammy S said...

We went to my sisters for dinner.

Orange Lipstick Blog said...

My Thanksgiving was simple! Dinner with my mom's side of the family and then lunch at my Aunt's with my dad's side of the family.

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