MaskerAide Sheet Masks Photos and Thoughts

Does your skin need a concentrated, but quick exfoliation? Or maybe it just needs a pick me up before heading out on the town...or perhaps harsh weather has your skin in a rut? Whatever the reason, Maskeraid has a mask for you.

Maskeraid says:

Our masks are drenched in a highly concentrated Argan Oil based serum that is so jam packed with vitamins and nutrients that we are surprised we got the package closed! After the serum base is mixed, we continue the process by adding specially formulated ingredients to each mask to target the specific concerns of fabulous women! From beach babies to party girls, we’ve got you covered! We use two types of highly concentrated serums in our masks: one is a clear based serum and the other is a cream. The clear is lighter in consistency and better to use during the day and before makeup application. The cream based serum is slightly heavier and is recommended for use in the evening and when relaxing before bed. As much as we love to fill our serums with amazing ingredients, we also focus on eliminating ingredients too! We worked tirelessly to remove any trace of ingredients that could negatively effect our customers health.

Harsh Dyes & Pigments
Mineral Oils
Artificial Fragrances

Since our formulation is so gentle, our masks can be used by every skin type.

$4.99 each

Available online at

Quick Thoughts:
My mom and I both tried these sheet masks. I tried Detox Diva. Mom got All Nighter. We both LOVED them. So refreshing and cool. You know that feeling when you put something on your skin and you can feel it working? These masks totally did that. Both masks left our skin feeling soft and refreshed. I can't wait to do another mask and I'd definitely use them regularly. I have a thing for face masks and these are at the top of my list right now. Obsessed and in love!

What do you think about these vitamin-rich masks?


Icequeen81 said...

need them, but isn't 5 dollars a bit expensive for one time use mask? in my case I have a lil face so I won't use much. but for other people maybe is not much

lora said...

would love to try this :0)

ilove2singnplay said...

Where did you get these? I got one in my topbox LOVE it and want to try more. I don't know where to buy them other than online.

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