Fall Forward Glossybox Photos and Thoughts

This post has been a long time coming. I received the Fall Forward Glossybox a couple of weeks ago and really, this would be the time I would cancel it. I really can't say I've been too happy with Glossybox so far (the box is pretty though). Too much skincare and hair, not enough makeup. I think that most people are already in a skincare and haircare routine so they just go to waste. Makeup is something I like to experiment with and Glossybox never really allows me to try new things to play with and report on here.

Here are some photos...you'll see why I would cancel.

Hair stuff. Blah.

BB Cream - I was SO excited about this until I saw that the color I got was way too light for me. It seems like such a nice product too. I'm really disappointed that I'm not able to use it.

Glossybox lipstick - Loved the color but OMG look how it came to me! Broken in less than half. I have no idea where the rest of the lipstick is. It's not even inside the lid. It seriously looks like someone ate it.

As a blogger, I did receive this box for free. Had I paid for it, I definitely would have cancelled after this. Also, I did contact Glossybox about being able to fill out a profile with my appropriate info so I wouldn't have a problem with colors again. I also mentioned my issue with the lipstick. I got a reply a few days later saying that there is no beauty profile for bloggers (is there one for paying customers?) which is a total disappointment. Even more disappointing was the fact that my problem with the lipstick was completely ignored. No solution; not even an apology. Not okay.


Zadidoll said...

So glad I cancelled. I had a problem with my Glossybox in June and it took weeks for it to be partially resolved. They're a hot mess.

Stephanie P said...

Wow. They should of at least addressed the lipstick issue. Really bothered by that.

Kristine A said...

That really sucks about the too light color and broken lipstick. I've seen other people with broken lipsticks too, and it sucks that Glossybox won't do anything about it. From my experience, they have pretty bad customer service.

This was my first Glossybox, and I was really disappointed. We do fill out a quiz thing where we state skin color, skin type, etc., but it doesn't seem like they took that into account at all. A lot of people got #13 who shouldn't have gotten it, myself included. I think it's too light for most people. But anyway, I contacted them by email about this and they basically said "we can't help you. find a way to make it work."

Glossybox is more expensive, so I expected more. Now I'm sorry I paid for this. I have a 3-month subscription, so I hope it's better next month. But I doubt I'll be resubscribing. It does not seem worth it.

A Brilliant Brunette said...

Oh wow, Kristine...you still got #13 even though you filled out a profile? That's ridiculous. What's even the point of the beauty profile if you don't get what you need?

Jessica said...

The entire purpose of a company sending product to us bloggers is so that we can share our experiences with people. So I would really worry about the utter lack of customer service to you- I have to wonder how they would treat somebody that doesn't have an audience of a few thousand people.

And the issue with incorrect shades is a damn shame- that BB happens to be my absolute favorite, and you're the second blogger I've read about who got a shade that was way off (Courtney aka. Phyrra is very fair and got Shade #31!) It almost makes me a little angry: why waste your clients' time having them fill out profiles if the info isn't going to be utilized...sad, really.

Martha Woods said...

How do you sign up to get a free blogger box? It seems like they'd at least give you SOME sort of blogger profile so you can do better reviews for us, your readers, so we'll want to go subscribe as well! And not addressing the lipstick is just shoddy. I definitely won't be signing up for this mess.

flabbyface said...

I stopped my subs for Glossybox over 6 months ago. Every month i'm so glad i had cancelled and saved my money. The contents are less than brilliant for the price you need to pay.
The hair that broke the camels back for me was having boxes come a month late on two occasions. One time the box didn't arrive at all and i was told by Glossybox it had and in no certain terms told i was lying. Oh and i had items missing from my 2nd box.

Zadidoll said...

I'm also a beauty blogger but my Glossybox was paid for by me and I had lousy customer service which caused me to cancel and recommend to people to stay clear of Glossybox at this time.

So here's the gist of what happened. Hopefully the gist since I can ramble. Had to go back and read my own blog for the whole story since I had completely forgotten that I didn't get my June box until AFTER I was charged for my July box. My June box arrived July 3rd while I was charged for my July box on the 1st or 2nd. Any ways... the box came and the AHAVA body wash was partially empty because the contents spilled everywhere.

I ended up calling them on July 3 about the AHAVA which was the same day I got my package but because they're on the East Coast and I'm on the West Coast I had to leave a message for them. I also emailed them about it make sure there was a written record of it.

I eventually did hear back from Glossybox, but it took several days, who promised to send me out a replacement box as I had requested a replacement of the AHAVA and the pink box. All I wanted was the actual pink box not the products in it other than the AHAVA. Fast forward to July 26, no replacement box for June. I also had not received the refund for July as I had cancelled my subscription by July 3 and was told I would get a refund. They sent me out a "complimentary" July box for my troubles but the fact is that they never refunded my money for July in a timely manner so essentially I paid for that box only to get my refund after the fact (after I got the July box I think, I no longer remember and would have to look it up on my bank records) which was annoying.

By August 1 I had YET to get my replacement for JUNE AHAVA body wash... at least from Glossybox. I had attended in late July the Cosmoprof North America Trade Show in Las Vegas where I spoke to the PR lady from AHAVA and told her what happened. She ended up giving me a replacement sample of the body wash AND over $600 worth of AHAVA products. That was beyond what I expected from AHAVA.

On August 13 a replacement box for JUNE finally arrived but no AHAVA body wash. lol I swear that June box was cursed because what did come was another box with another leaking items, that time the Wella Professionals Enrich Moisturizing Treatment sample cap had come off so that was all over the products inside.

I ended up giving up on Glossybox because both the original box and the replacement box had open items which damaged the interior of the box. In the end I felt that between the two boxes I got from Glossybox for June was worth the $21 since the products were good just that their customer service was terrible, it took to long to get a replacement and a refund for July as well as the fact that in both replacement cases the products came damaged.

I'm still hearing from my own readers and from members at Makeup Talk how bad Glossybox's customer service it. Right people are waiting for their tracking for their October boxes and waiting for the September quiz/review thing to get their Glossydots. With over a dozen Glossybox companies around the world you would think they would have their stuff together for the US company but instead it's been a nightmare for people.

At $21 the products are nice products but it's too much of a gamble hoping your box arrives within the same month you paid for or that your products arrive intact and undamaged.

Kimberlee Van Der Wall said...

Oh what a bummer! I dislike not being able to pick my shades for makeup too. I had the opposite problem with the BB cream, it was too dark. I gave it to a friend who said she loves it! I'll totally take the pale shade from ya hehe

That's messed up about the lipstick! Definitely agree that beauty boxes need more makeup. That is one reason I hold on to Birchbox. I know I'll get an Essie polish or fun makeup product every so often. I thought MyGlam (now ispy?) was supposed to be more makeup but they disappointed me as well. We need to make our own box! haha

....... said...

looks like a pretty ok box. too bad that the bb cream didn't match it's one that i've been eyeing for a while. thanks for the swatches! xx. gigi. food and beauty blogger @ www.gigikkitchen.blogspot.com

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