Sugarpill @#$%! Eyeshadow Swatches, Thoughts, and Photos

@#$%!, was originally released at IMATS LA. I can recall my disappointment...I didn't go to IMATS...I was never going to get my hands on @#$%! was the end of my Sugarpill-obsessed world. But now, through the Beautylish Boutique, I was able to get it since they were awesome enough to pair paired it with the Heart Breaker Palette; palette and @#$%! for $34!

I am a happy Sugarpill fangirl.

No flash.

Love+ (left) and @#$%! (right)
You can see how Love+ is a truer, warmer red with a very slight sheen while @#$%! is a berry red with sparkle. Close, but different.

@#$%! is an adorable berry red with a touch of sparkle. Quite different from it's counterpart, Love+ which is more of a true, primary red with a very slight sheen. I personally don't have any dupes of this but I'm going to make a random guess and say that Inglot probably has something incredibly similar.


Jacquelyn said...

I have that eyeshadow too and it is very pretty! I will have to use it one day since I'm thinking of that Stella and Bulletproof would look so amazing with @#$%!.

Anna Ho said...

woooow that looks amazing!

Mahrukh Hayyat said...

ohhhh i have never seen beauty like this before..... loving this

GirlieBlogger@Beauty Fashion Blog Seattle said...

Gorgeous red. Love its brilliant color.
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