ghd Red Gloss Classic 1" Styler Review and Photos

Even though my hair is naturally straight, it's not naturally smooth. There's nothing like the smooth, sleek, shiny finish that a flat iron gives. How does this sleek, red hot ghd styler measure up for me? Keep reading to find out!

ghd says:

The original ghd Classic 1" styler just got glossy. A super-shiny Poppy Red finish gives our original styler a chic makeover, perfect if you like things with a little more polish. The ghd Classic 1" styler is brilliant at no-fuss styling on all hair types and its hoard of awards from some of the best Beauty Editors in the business proves it. Quick and easy Kink-free straightening, as well as curls, waves and all your other favourite styling techniques, the ghd Classic 1" styler makes light work of them all.

$185 USD

Like I said, I use a flat iron everyday. I just love the super straight look. What I look for in an iron is simple; I want one that's going to run through my hair smoothly and give my hair that perfectly polished, shiny appearance that lasts all day without going frizzy or staticy. This styler totally delivers that. I'm actually really impressed with how well my style lasts through the day even when I add a little flip to my ends (since this ghd flips and curls too). Next step...I need to try curling with it.

What puts this styler above others is it's super speedy heat-up time. It's crazy fast...less than 30 seconds, maybe less than 15. Also, it automatically shuts off after 30 minutes so there's no worry if you forget to unplug it.

Plus how can you not love the color? It's GORGEOUS!

Have you ever tried ghd styling tools? What are your thoughts?


About The Lacquered Lady said...

While I'm sure this is lovely, I always have a heart attack at the price tags on good equipment like this. I suppose since you use it everyday and it lasts for years it is worth it. I do love the red!

Saira Bhatti said...

I just love that amazing red color! i'm a new blogger, please have a look at my blog and follow it too:) and if you can, do give me some good blogging tips!

Saira Bhatti said...


A Brilliant Brunette said...

The Lacquered Lady...the price is no joke O_o But I do use it daily. I'm hoping it lasts! I've reviewed a few other flat irons in this price range and they've all died already :/ I've heard amazing things about ghd though so I'm going to hope for the best.

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