Fall 2012 Makeup Trends | Milani Purples and Plums

I've said this plenty but again...purple is HUGE this fall. So, I think it's time for another purple fall trend post. This time though, it's all about Milani. Totally budget friendly and so, so lush.

Milani nail polishes are fabulous; so many colors and totally affordable. With these 3 colors your tips will be plummed out and perfect for fall. (left to right: Lavender Fizz, Deep Thoughts, Hipster Plum)

Purple Shock eyeshadow is a gorgeous purple with a slight pink duochrome effect. This bright color can liven up any look. Add a touch of a deeper purple, or even just mix is with a black shadow (like Milani Pitch Black) for an awesome smokey eye.

Deep lips are a fall staple. Plum Deluxe lipstick is deep-lip perfection while In A Flash Haute Flash Lipgloss adds a touch of true berry sparkle. On the sheerer side is Sheer Dark Honey Crystal Lipgloss. It's a deep blackened plum that ever-so-slightly deepens any lipcolor under it.

A few swatches
Plum Deluxe lipstick, In A Flash Haute Flash, Sheer Dark Honey gloss

Where to buy:
Lavender Fizz Nail Lacquer
Deep Thoughts Nail Lacquer
Hipster Plum Nail Lacquer
Purple Shock Powder Eyeshadow
Pitch Black Powder Eyeshadow (mentioned but not pictured)
Plum Deluxe Lipstick
In A Flash Haute Flash Lipgloss
Sheer Dark Honey Crystal Lipgloss


Maria Veronica said...

In A Flash Haute Flash Lipgloss looks AMAZING!! I absolutely love the glitter in it :D

GirlieBlogger@Beauty Fashion Blog Seattle said...

All the rich colors look so delicious. Gorgeous purples - love fall.
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Mia's Little Corner said...

I love purples! Especially on my eyes, cause they're green!!! :D

Stop by some time:)


Mia's Little Corner

Mary smashinbeauty said...

They all look beautiful!
Stop by some time:)
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Clipe Prețioase said...

Love the colours :) I also plan to wear „purples and plums” this autumn!

Merrybelly said...

Love the lipstick!

Yaya Alcala said...

i LOVE purples and plums and lilacs and ... <3
i def have to pick up some of these products.

Yaya Alcala said...

thanks for the awesome swatches! ;)

A Brilliant Brunette said...

You're welcome!

And thanks, everyone!

Phyrra said...

Haute Flash is gorgeous!

MissAshDG said...

I lovvve purples, or jewel tones period, for the fall/winter time

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