Post Your Links Here! Disney Villains | Makeup Monday (September 24)

That's right! September 24th is Makeup Monday and the theme is Disney Villains! This theme was decided on by voted on Facebook and Twitter...thanks for the input, everyone!

If you're new to, CLICK HERE for info on Makeup Monday!

Also can do your look for Makeup Monday anytime you want, but September 24 will be the day to share your awesome atistry.

Inspiration Links:
Disney Villains on Tumblr
Top 10 Most Evil Disney Villains

Can't wait to see what Disney Villain looks everyone comes up with!

Which villain were you inspired by?


Nicole Danielle said...

I created mine! :)
My Makeup Monday Submission is...

mari :) said...

Here's my entry :)I'll have a tutorial on it soon. Hope you like it!

Carla Wishart said...

Hi Jacqueline:

Here's my Makeup Monday post describing the products I used etc:

And here's the pic of the villain I chose along with my look:

mari :) said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
mari :) said...

Sorry, i forgot to mention that my inspiration came from Scar from The Lion King. The colors represent him and the eyeliner style represent his scar.

AliciaD372 said...

Finally got my Makeup Monday look posted!!!!

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