Disney Villains Makeup Looks | Makeup Monday Reader Submissions

September's Makeup Monday was all about Disney Villains and there were some gorgeous reader submissions. Here they are!

Mari's Scar inspired look is super sexy!

Phyrra is wickedly stunning in her Evil Queen look.

AliciaD372's sinister Scar inspired look is absolutely amazing.

Nicole did a beautiful, softer look inspired by Maleficent.

Josie P. is gorgeous in her striking, bold Evil Queen makeup.

Creative Life of a Glam Wife does look quite glam, taking inspiration from the makeup worn by the Evil Queen herself.

Caitlen W.'s Scar Inspired makeup features some very fitting, very fabulous cat eyeliner.


Lauren said...

Very daring! x

mari :) said...

Mine's not here :(

Chantel said...

Amazing. I love them all =)

A Brilliant Brunette said...

OMG Mari I'm soooooo sorry! :( I thought I uploaded all the pictures but I was wrong. Fixed it though! <3

mari :) said...

No worries. Thank you :)

mari :) said...

I just started doing my makeup about a year and a half ago. I would practice by recreating your looks so its an honor to be on your blog. :) xoxo

Mollance said...

All you ladies look gorgeous x

Carla said...

Yay!!! So much fun and love seeing all the awesome looks!!! xoxo

Carla said...

Yay!!! So much fun and love seeing all the awesome looks!!! xoxo

AliciaD372 said...

Love all of them!

Natalia Carballo said...

Hi girl! I love your banner. did you? could do me a lipstick please? <3

mi mail is: natsmakeup@hotmail.es

thanks! :)

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