Too Faced Romantic Eye Collection Swatches, Thoughts, and Photos

Another day, another Too Faced eyeshadow collection. The nine lovely, feminine eyeshadows in the Romantic Eye Collection are just what this Too Faced addict needed.

Too Faced says:

What It Is:
Indulge in our newest eye shadow lesson collection filled with romantic-inspired shadow shades that will bring out your inner bride, bombshell or classic beauty, all with an ultra-feminine touch.

More To Love:
For Everyday Special Occasions: A collection of eye shadow shades that provide a perfect palette of choices for all occasions with a feminine and romantic twist.

Formulas To Fall For: Nine, pigment-rich shadows offer an essential range of dreamy hues and textures from soft pearl to rich matte.

How-To Cards: Three easy-to -follow, How-To Cards make achieving the romantic eye looks easy in minutes.

$36.00 USD

Swatches over Too Faced Shadow Insurance
Soulmate, I Do, Un-Veil

Kiss The Bride, Cut The Cake, First Dance

Bouquet Toss, Honeymoon, Ever After

Like I said, I'm a Too Faced addict so this palette is just another love of my life. Both of my other palettes (Summer Eyes and Natural At Night) are both very warm. The Romantic Eye Collection is quite varied so it's a nice change from what I currently have. The pigmentation is lovely, the texture is superb, and how gorgeous is Cut The Cake? I'm obsessed with that color right now. And Honeymoon...oh my. *sigh* Too Faced, you win again.


coco said...

super !

GirlieBlogger@Beauty Fashion Blog Seattle said...

I like Two Faced too. Love the purple-ish colors.
Mom Fitness Journal | Beauty and Fashion in Seattle | Cheap Makeup Reviews

Silvia QuirĂ³s said...

I think is a cute palette! with a nice range of tones, I love palettes, thanks for sharing

Epiphannie A said...

I've never actually used any too faced products but this palette looks absolutely gorgeous!!!

I'm going to scout it out on Ebay

Epiphannie A: Beauty by a Disneyvore

JessBee said...

I love the two faced palettes. The colors always go together quite brilliantly! I actually took this to a wedding last summer and it traveled well and I was able to create quite a few different, wearable, and appropriate looks.

Brooke said...

What gorgeous shades! This looks like a great travel palette.

All Things Pretty said...

Can see this becoming my most reached for! X

Nora said...

i want it

....... said...

they look beautiful! hope to try this pallette at some point so I can review it on my blog. your swatches are fantastic! thanks! gigi. food and beauty blogger @

Phyrra said...

I love the fashion set!

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