Ice Cream Inspired Makeup Looks | Makeup Monday (July)

July's Makeup Monday was all about ice cream, the perfect summer dessert, and an awesome theme idea from Kelly! Here's a compilation of all of the gorgeous looks from those who participated.

If you have a theme idea, share it HERE!
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Kelly did a beautiful Mint Chocolate Chip inspired look. She's also the mind behind July's ice cream theme. Thanks, Kelly!

This Neapolitan ice cream look and tutorial from Phyrra is fabulously delicious!

FabDiva20 did this bright and beautiful pink bubble gum look.

Carla of Creative Life of a Glam Wife shared this beautiful strawberry ice cream look. I love strawberry ice cream!

Makeup by Rachel isn't a big ice cream fan so she did a smoothie inspired look!

Hope you join us next month!


GirlieBlogger@Beauty Fashion Blog Seattle said...

Everyone did such a good job. AMAZING colors!
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keLLy said...

AWWW thanks for hosting these Makeup Mondays. I will have to invest in a better camera.

Carla Wishart said...

How fun and inspiring~!!! Can't wait for the next Makeup Monday - what a fabulous idea~!!! Thanks for sharing these Chica~!! ;)

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