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All makeup lovers know that one can never have enough makeup brushes. So, when budget-friendly ones are found, like the SOHO Professional Makeup Brushes, they're a total must-have.

About SOHO Professional:

Developed in conjunction with professional makeup artists, SOHO has created eighteen high–quality brushes providing all the tools you need to get professional–quality results at home. Ergonomic handles, the finest quality brush hair, and sleek styling put SOHO professional brushes in a class of their own.

Crease Brush

Quick Review: LOVE! No shedding. Perfect shape with a very slight point at the tip. It allows for precise placement within the crease while also splaying product out softly and evenly. I use this one daily and I need more! PRICE: $8.99

Small Shader Brush

Quick Review: Another brush that I love from SOHO. It's firm enough to pack on eyeshadow, soft enough to blend, and small enough to apply color to the bottom lashline. It's another that I use daily. Price: $9.99

Powder Brush

Quick Review: I do not love this brush simply because it sheds incessantly. Out of all 5 brushed you'll see here, this is the only one that I'm not happy with. Price: $16.99

Blush Brush

Size comparison...powder brush and blush brush

Quick Review: In contrast to the Powder Brush, I quite like the Blush Brush. It's softer and I've yet to experience any shedding. It's awesome for contouring, applying blush, and highlighting the face. It's also the perfect size for under the eyes. Price: $14.99

Highlighter Brush

Quick Review: Um...OMG. This brush is up there with my favorite brushes EVER. I've used it for liquid foundation, powder, cream blushes and highlighters, and bronzer, and it works amazingly for them all. No, it's not a duo fiber brush like the MAC 187, but it does work the same. Plus, no shedding. all. Totally LOVE this one! Price: $13.99

Ergonomic Design

Where To Buy:
Target, Wal-Mart, Walgreens, CVS, and Harmon

Other Thoughts:
Ergonomic design...I seriously never really understood the benefit of this before using these brushes. Those little dips in the brush handle make for such a comfortable hold. I was actually surprised at how much I enjoyed it and it's a factor that's made me want to pick up a few more of these brushes.

Overall, I really think these are some fabulous brushes (despite my problem with the Powder Brush). Their quality, design, and awesome price tag are just awesome. Highly recommended...especially the crease brush, small shader, and highlighter brush.

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Deanna @ It's Just Me said...

If you haven't tried the SOHO sponge, you MUST get it. I have one for me and one for my case. It's JUST like the Beauty Blender : )
Miss ya ~

A Brilliant Brunette said...

I haven't! I'll have to pick it up and try! :D

Diana said...

omg!!! these brushes look amazing!!! i need more brushes in my life! i honestly have like 4 brushes that i alternate from and these look amazing! i need them in my life! hope all is well chica!

ShaniP said...

I picked up the crease brush from big lots for around 2 bucks this past summer. very comparable to my Sigma crease brush

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