Join Us For Makeup Monday on A Brilliant Brunette!

What is Makeup Monday?
One Monday per month you're invited to do your makeup for a chosen theme and share it with all of us. When you do your theme makeup, be sure to take pictures! That's where the sharing comes in. You'll be able to send me pictures of your makeup on Twitter, Facebook, and here on this blog. Then I'll be able to share your pictures with everyone else. So...lots of makeup inspiration!

How do you do your makeup for the themes?
Sometimes the theme will be as simple as a particular color. Sometimes it will be based on holidays, and sometimes it will be based on something completely random and unique. The look you do can be simple, understated, bold, crazy...anything! You can interpret the theme in any way you choose. The idea of Makeup Monday is to get your creative juices flowing, share your passion for makeup, and connect with others.

How do you share your pictures?
You can share by posting the links to your pictures and blog posts here on (A post will go up on Makeup Monday for you to post links on). You can also share by tweeting them to me on Twitter with the hashtag #MakeupMondayABB, or posting them on my Facebook wall. If you're not on Twitter or Facebook, sign up now! You can even do Youtube videos and tutorials of your look and share in the same, Twitter, and Facebook!

Twitter: @BrilliantBrntte
Facebook: A Brilliant Brunette

If you have an idea for a Makeup Monday theme, let us know HERE!

Any more questions?
Ask in the comments below!



Emily Rehse said...

So excited!!!

A Brilliant Brunette said...

Aw...I'm glad! :D

Sojo :) said...

Sounds so cool! Can't wait! :)

yaya said...

sounds like fun! =)

Mollance said...

Count me in, even though it'll be a horrible mess, lol.

A Brilliant Brunette said...

So excited that you all like this idea. And Mollance...I'm sure it won't be a mess. lol. This will be a nice chance to play and practice though! xoxo

Anya said...

I cannot wait. Setting my calendar alarm right now!

A Brilliant Brunette said...

Yaaaaaay! :D

Arezu said...

This is so fun, I'm excited to see everyone's looks. Hopefully I can remember to participate.

NeutraKris said...

Can we submit out look that day, or do you need them beforehand? I didn't realize the date was tomorrow.

A Brilliant Brunette said...

NeutraKris...submit the day of, so tomorrow :) I'll have a blog post up tonight for people to post links on if the don't use Facebook or Twitter.

Amanda Lehrke said...

When and where do you announce the new theme? Thanks :)

A Brilliant Brunette said...

Amanda, I announce the new themes on my blog, Twitter, and Facebook about a week prior to Makeup Monday :)

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