IMATS LA 2012 Day 1 Recap Part One

Hi! My name is Mai and I normally write over at my blog, Portrait of Mai. I'm really honored to be doing a guest post here, especially one on IMATS LA. This was my first time going so I was extremely enthused about getting the most out of the experience. There were over 125 brands at the show and even though I went both days, I still missed out on so many booths. Still though, I tried to visit as many brands as I could.
Here are highlights of some of the booths that I visited.

Senna Cosmetics

I've read such great things about Senna Cosmetics' eyebrow products that I knew I had to check out their booth. What was even more amazing was that Eugenia Weston (the owner of Senna Cosmetics) was working there and she was so nice and easy to talk to.


She showed me this amazing palette which had a combination of eyeshadows, blushes, and powders for $50.00. She did one swipe of the black eyeshadow and it was so extremely pigmented. I asked about the infamous brow duo and she told me that she'd show me them.


When she said she'd show me, she actually meant she was going to do my brows! Using her stencils and brow products, she tweezed and perfected my brows and topped it off with her brow gel. I will admit that while the brow gel did help with the longevity, it did make my brows feel a little crunchy at the end of the day. I loved how my brows looked though and while I didn't get anything at the show, I'm definitely looking positively towards the brand.


Inglot Cosmetics

I'll admit I didn't look much at the Inglot booth because I have an Inglot store and counter nearby and I didn't want to brave the crowd because it's an extremely popular place. Here's what the booth looked like right when IMATS opened.


And here's what it was like an hour later at 9:30. As you can see from the first picture, the booth is extremely long so while the crowd looks huge, it's only a few people deep. If you ever go to the Inglot booth at IMATS, I would still suggest you make a list of what products you want before you get to the front of the line because you may not be able to swatch what you want. I believe it was 30% off at IMATS.


If you do decide to purchase from Inglot, I do recommend you purchase from an Inglot Counter in Macy's. Their return policy online and in their stores is quite poor (only unopened products within 15 days) and the Inglot counters in Macys adhere to Macy's return policy which is much more lenient.

OCC Makeup

I was most excited about going to the OCC Makeup booth because I really wanted to checkout their new OCC Skin:Conceal. I saw Say Anything Brooke's review and was so impressed at the coverage she got out of the concealer, covering blemishes and even a bad tan line. Unfortunately though I was in between shades so it wasn't exactly perfect for me.


Their booth was quite large and they had a model in the middle being airbrushed with their cosmetics. I meant to get one of their Lip Tars but with the chaos of the day, I completely forgot to.


NYX Cosmetics

NYX had a huge booth at the show, this was only one side of the square booth. The workers actually were standing tall on the inside so they could peer over and watch for anyone trying to steal anything. Discounts at the NYX booth varied with some things being 30-50% off.


Sigma Makeup

This was Sigma's second year at the show but the first time they sold anything. I believe the discount was 15%. These were so very coveted though because the brushes sold out in two hours! This was only part of the booth where they were having various makeup gurus do makeovers for anyone that signed up.


Crown Brush

Crown Brush was there and this is where I want to caution you on something. If you are interested in getting one of the large 88 style palettes, your best bet is to check out Crown Brush first. I saw several booths selling the same palettes but their prices varied. At Coastal Scents' booth, they were $22.00 but at Crown? $10.00.


For the rest of my recap featuring Sugarpill Cosmetics and the Special Effects and Body Painting at the show, be sure to click here for Part Two!

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  1. I only DREAM of Imats lol- this is awesome!

  2. I had a blast at IMATS LA on Sunday, I wish I had more time there. I wanted to check out OCC, but it was too crowded. I agree Senna makeup is amazing, I picked up some goodies for the first time myself:)

  3. Oh my! I wish I could go the the IMATS or that we would have that in here in Spain! thanks for sharing

  4. Me and my friend are going this year when IMATs comes to Toroton seeing this post makes me more excited to go :)

  5. It looks like a great time but it's sad that merchants have to worry about people stealing at an event like IMATS.

  6. I want to go to IMATS so bad! Those prices of brushes alone will make it worth the trip!

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