wet n wild Flora and Fauna Giftsets | Swatches and Reviews

Flora and Fauna, two of wet n wild's latest Get The Look Collections, bring to us 4 lovely products perfectly matched for gorgeous springtime makeup looks. Each set includes an eyeshadow trio, lipgloss, nailpolish, and blush.

A delightful combination of bright warm tones, the Flora set is great for anyone who is a lover of bolder eyeshadow combinations. The orange and green trio that accompanies this set is pigmented and just lovely, as are nearly all of wet n wild's eyeshadows. However, it's a combination that's a bit too...what's the word?...a bit too dissimilar for my tastes. I will definitely wear the colors, just not together. The blush is AMAZING, as you can see in the swatches below. I also love the golden toned green nailpolish. As for the gloss, it's on the sheer side for sure, but I like it. It's a matter of taste I suppose. I tend to be drawn to glosses that are sheerer or just plain clear.
And now...swatches!

This set...oh...my...goodness. LOVE IT! The eyeshadow trio is right up my alley. That light pink champange, the bold blue-teal, and glowing blue-toned purple are fab. I also have to give wet n wild some much due credit with that purple...beautiful! I foresee myself using this trio a lot! The blush, again...AMAZING! The nailpolish is also very nice (I'm just not a teal nailpolish kinda girl). The gloss in this set is quite nice as well. It's definitely more pigmented that the one in the Flora collection and I just really love the color of it. It's such a pretty pink!

Swatch time!

Flora polish (left)
Fauna polish (right)

Have you seen these sets in store yet? Have you had the chance to pick up one, or maybe both? I'd love to know what you think!

If you haven't seen them in stores yet, just keep a look out and check with your local place to buy wet n wild!


Ashleigh Walls said...

I haven't seen these yet but I will keep my eye out!

Kathy said...

My cvs has 3 of each set on display. I my have to go pick up Fauna!

A Brilliant Brunette said...

Kathy...definitely pick up Fauna. I'm going to wear it tomorrow. I'm all excited because it's just SO pretty lol!

Wendy said...

I saw them at my Rite Aid this morning but passed on them. I've read not so good reviews on them.

.Big Size Big World♥ said...

i really want fauna but i havent seem them yet!

LipGlossGossip said...

I saw these at cvs, but didn't pick any up! I think I might have to pick up Fauna! :)

Beauty Treasures said...

In Belgium they don't sell WnW :-(. I like the Fauna collection very much. Such beautiful colours

Crystal said...

I found mine a month or so ago and I've already blown through a ton of the orange shadow. These are exceptional sets. I really hope they do more like this in the future.

Laura. said...

Super leuk! ze lijken me echt fijn ^^
ik volg je trouwens via bloglovin,
volg je me terug? xx

Iridescent Colors said...

Both of these collections are so pretty! I love all the colors of everything that comes in them. Neat!

AliciaD372 said...

OMG I love Fauna! I will totally have to check to see if my drug stores have it!

yaya said...

omg i love these sets! <3 im glad i got both of them! =)

mrsBenzo said...

I just bought 2 of them had to get my hands on them...i love Wet n Wild products...

mrsBenzo said...

I just bought both of them, had to get my hands on them...I love wet n wild products...Not only are they good but the price is great when you on a budget...

Lumi said...

I really like Fauna more than Flora, but I might get both. Both blushes/eyeshadow trios look really great!

Thanks for the swatches!

cristina said...

Hola Yaya: Did You liked Fauna pigment payoff?


Love flora!

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