NEW Milani Eyeshadow Palettes | Swatches and Reviews

Milani is gracing us with 3 new eyeshadow palettes this year. Paint, Impressionist, and Abstract include 7 artistic colors in one convenient palette.

Milani says:

Buildable colorpayoff, matte and pearl finishes in a super-soft, silk-like powder

Seven bright neon, matte shades make up this crazy beautiful Paint palette. It's eye-catching and definitely not for the makeup-faint of heart. I was actually very impressed with this palette. The shadows are, for the most part, incredibly pigmented and seem easy to blend. The pigmentation of the green wasn't great...the yellow is the next least impressive. Neither are terrible though. You just need a good base underneath. The purple though, goodness, it's beautiful. Drugstore purples are notorious for lacking pigmentation and being difficult to work with, but the one in this palette is a dream. The texture of the shadows is soft, as the description explains, but they're not overly soft. If you're a bold, bright eyeshadow lover, I think this palette is a must-have.


Another all matte palette, Impressionist is filled with seven lovely pastel eyeshadows. Of the three palettes, this is my least favorite simply because I'm not too into pastels. The pigmentation of the green, yellow, and orange aren't great. Regardless though, I love that orange. Creamsicle! Texture-wise, these shadows seem a bit softer than the Paint palette. I think I'll try mixing these pastels with the brights of the Paint palette. The shadows would fade together beautifully. Pastel lovers...this one is for you!


The Abstract palette is most definitely the most wearable of the bunch. It's completely work appropriate, perfect for day and night. From a natural eye, to a pinup look, to a chocolate brown smokey eye, this palette does it all. Of the seven shadows, 3 have a pearl finish while the other 4 are matte. Abstract's pigmentation is perfect. Each shadow is as pigmented as the next, and they're all fabulous. As for the texture, again, the shadows are soft, but not too soft. They blend like seamlessly. I LOVE this palette.

What do you think of these palettes? Are you planning on picking any of them up?

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Kassie said...

These look really interesting! All of the palettes have gorgeous colors, some not so great(going off your swatches), I think my favorite is the neutral one :) Thanks for the swatches!

Jacilene Silva said...

São lindas!

Steph said...

I love all the pastel colours, they looked like eyeshadows at first lol

Mandy said...

I like the colors a lot, I just am not a fan of shadows that aren't in individual pans... I feel like things get too messy. :-( It looks so beautiful in terms of packaging but I just don't find that kind of packaging to be the most efficient or useful for me personally ;-(

Lauren said...

I love the abstract one the best. Where can you get these and how much are they?

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MaviDeniz said...

OMG that first palette is a dream!! How much are these?


Kimberly said...

Love these! I have paint already and can't wait to get the other two. When are they launching?

AliciaD372 said...

These look cool but I think that after a while of use they would make a smeared mess. It's awesome they came out with such vibrant colors though, the first palette is amazing!

Alessandra ~ Miss Boom Baby ♥ said...

The design reminds me the palette of Bitch Slap! Cosmetics

A Brilliant Brunette said...

The palettes are new for 2012 so if you haven't seen them yet, just keep a look out. Paint is the original of these palettes and runs for $7.99 so the price should remain the same. (

You can find Milani at the locations listed here:


Jessica said...


Erin Sm said...

I can't find these! I definitely want the Abstract palette. Nice neutrals that are totally portable. Thanks for the swatches!

Beauty Treasures said...

I like the brown palet!

WyoSparkles said...

OHhhh I soo want these!!! I haven't been able to find them yet!! Sooo pretty, thank you so much for sharing! Now, I know where I can go to just sit and stare. haha.

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