Luminess Airbrush Review | Heiress Beauty System

How cute is this Luminess Heiress Beauty System? Adorable...I know. But is it more than just looks? Keep reading to find out!

Luminess says:

Our brand new 2012 Luminess Heiress Beauty System has arrived! This system features a continuous airflow which allows you to use less makeup, is half the size and is 70% quieter! Now you'll be able to achieve a finer airbrush application resulting in the most amazing coverage imaginable!

Starter Kit includes: 2 .55 oz foundations, a blush, bronzer, and glow.

Priced at $249.

Packaging: The Heiress System comes very well packed in its vibrant packaging. I love how the box gives a little tease of the system that's inside

Compressor and parts: Bright pink, metallic silver, totally streamlined and compact, and just the cutest airbrush machine I've ever seen. Ever. I seriously squealed when I took it out of the box. Plus, its size makes it perfect for travel.

I LOVE how the spray gun sits nicely on top of the unit when it's not in use. It diminishes the risk of spilling any product that's still inside the cup.

Power obvious necessity:

Kit also includes an empty bottle for a water/alcohol mix for cleaning, an instructional DVD, and handbook (the box is makeup shown above)

Compressor/System Review:
I'm really, really liking the Heiress Beauty System. Not only is it the cutest airbrush machine in the world, it also performs incredibly. It sprays evenly, isn't too loud, and just does a nice job overall. It's a 1-speed compressor so after one push of the on/off button a strong flow of air comes out of the gun, and a little pull back on the trigger allows for makeup to flow through evenly. Many other units out there have a varying speeds, and I do believe that Luminess carries some compressors that vary as well. The 1-speed feature of this one though is perfect for personal use and so easy to use. I actually used the compressor unit on the last 2 freelance jobs I did and that's when I really fell in love with it. It just did a superb job and the girls I worked on looked amazing.

Makeup: airbrush M1 Moist-Primer, Shade 3 and 4 (Medium), Bronzer, Soft Rose Blush, G1 Brightening & Glow Luminizer (omg...LOVE)

In action...I'm wearing Shade 4 with just a touch of Shade 3, bronzer, blush, and the luminizer.

You can see how the coverage is natural but really nice.

Makeup Reviews:

I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised by most the Luminess foundations and other face products that were included in the kit.

The Moist-Primer was lightweight and was interesting to apply. With silicone-based primers the application is obviously different, and the feel of it is silky and soft, but for me, they're a bit heavy. I normally don't even wear a primer. With the Moist-Primer, it goes on completely unnoticeable and not heavy at all. If you're a primer lover but have a dislike for the silicone-based ones, you'll probably be pleasantly surprised by this one. I personally will be skipping this step in the future simply because it's basically a moisturizing primer and with my oily skin, I think it caused me to get shiny sooner than normal.

The foundation is waterbased and has a satin finish, though I do believe that Luminess also offers a matte foundation. I used the Medium Shade 3 for the most part but added in just a touch of Shade 4 to truly customize the color to perfection. The finish is slightly dewy which is nice, however I did notice a bit more shine as the hours drew on. Like I said though, I'll likely skip the moisturizer next time and go straight for the foundation. As with most airbrush foundations, this one is sticky to the touch after application, so while a setting powder isn’t necessary, I do prefer to use one (MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural). The coverage is buildable from sheer to full. For the look pictured above I went for medium coverage. What I loved was that it evened out my skintone while leaving my freckles just slightly visible, and it also didn’t make my pores overly noticeable like a lot of waterbased foundations do. I was really impressed with the foundation and for some reason I didn’t expect to be (I'm just super picky with foundations).

The bronzer is nice as well. I loved the color of it. I do, however, tend to go for matte bronzers; it’s just a personal preference. For a body bronzer, this would be gorgeous though. A touch of it along the collar bones and down your chest would be beautiful.

Soft Rose blush is just…lovely. *sigh* It’s this beautiful rosy glow. The bronzer and this blush together...OMG...a gorgeous combination! As for the G1 Brightening & Glow luminizer…again…love. It just glows. Obviously…but it does it so well.

Overall Thoughts:
I’m overall pleased but I don't see myself using it daily. It's a bit too time consuming for everyday in my opinion. I will use it...just not daily (tutorial perhaps?). However, I definitely see myself using this tons in the future for my freelance work since it’s done such a fabulous job so far.

Do you airbrush? What are your thoughts on this system?
If you'd like me to do an airbrush foundation tutorial, let me know in the comments below!

DISCLAIMER: Product(s) in this post may have been sent complimentary of the company or PR to A Brilliant Brunette for consideration. All opinions are honest and that of the blog owner.


The Lacquered Lady said...

I just feel like for personal use this is a lot of work and a lot of money. Good to know it works for someone who is considering buying it, though.

Mandy said...

I only use airbrushing on clients and never myself because there doesn't seem to be an airbrush foundation formulated for my oily skin type, they all seem to get super slick after a few hours on me. That is a super cute machine though.

Laura. said...

Super leuk!
ik volg je via bloglovin, volg je me terug? xx

Betty Girl Makeup said...

great review. could you tell me how would you compare this to other airbrush systems? do you have any experience with other airbrush systems or is this your first one?

thank you!

Phyrra said...

I have a hot pink Luminess Airbrush kit and I do like it. I'm just not quick with it, so it seems to take longer to apply foundation with it than by hand. I like their Porcelain foundation. It's a good match on me. Awesome review!

A Brilliant Brunette said...

@Betty Girl Makeup I tried the earlier version of the Luminess a few years ago and this one is leaps and bounds better. Far quieter which is major to me. Other than that though, I haven't tried anything.

JessBee said...

I just received my Dinair airbrush in the mail last week and tested it out for the first time Saturday. I feel like it took forever to do, but I guess because it is my first time it would take the longest as I am trying to get used to it. I would love to see a tutorial I am always looking for more tricks!

Ana Costa e Silva said...

great blog!!!

lessie pfeiffer said...

Thanks so much for the detailed review. I made a big mistake with my first set. It fitted nicely into my budget, so I didn't even check it out properly. Turns out it didn't have its AC power cords included! Learned my lesson since then.

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