MAC Cutie Quad Eyes

**Old look, a few weeks bangs!**

This look was done using the Cutie Quad from MAC's Quite Cute collection. I honestly don't like this quad much at all. The colors look adorable in their pans but aren't all that when applied. Not on me at least. They're just not very pigmented and it takes too much effort to get the shadows to really show up on my skin. It's nice for those who like a more sheer eyeshadow application; it's just not my thing though. I figured I'd post the look anyway :)

Leopard Print Nails (Essie and wet n wild)

These were my nails a few weeks ago and I absolutely loved them. For those of you who don't know how to do leopard print nails, they're super easy! You can find a ton of tutorials on Youtube. Plus, what I love is that when they chip, it's not very noticeable, haha! :)

I used Essie Sand Tropez (base color), and wet n wild Everybody Loves Redmond (spots) and Ebony Hates Chris (detail).

New hair!

Yup! I got bangs and I'm loving them! I haven't had bangs in forever...I think I was 9 or 10 when I started growing them out but I had the urge to try them again...20 years later as an adult :D

The makeup is nothing special...just my current everyday look. Just a simple brown eye; MAC Mulch go-to brown. MAC Marquise D lipstick on the lips which I'm loving!

wet n wild I Dream of Greenie Eyes

I Dream of Greenie is the only wet n wild trio I never used up until a few weeks ago. I'm not a huge fan of greens on myself but I wanted to at least try the trio out so you could all see it on my eyes :) I'm still not crazy about this trio but only because it's just not me. The greens are great though...very pigmented! I'm also pretty sure that the greens are dupes of MAC Bitter, Swimming, and Aquavert (but the WnW version is WAY more pigmented). The placement I used is what is suggested by the trio.

I'm also wearing Bare Minerals foundation in this picture. I love how it looks on my skin but it photographs's SO shiny. Ew. So, I've stopped using it...I'm actually using MAC's Careblend powder now (in Medium), and I love it!

wet n wild Summer Preview!

Just thought I'd share some of the new products that wet n wild will be releasing in mid-May, so here they are!

Mermaid’s Cove
Limited Edition Fast Dry Nail Color
Price Point: $1.99

Simple Eyes with Purple Liner

Nothing exciting really...I just decided that I wanted to rock a touch of color to work and decided on purple liner on an otherwise simple eye.

Matte MAC Blues

MAC Winkle and Prussian eyeshadows...two absolutely beautiful blues.

Shimmering Natural Eyes feat. wet n wild (with a MAC Rich Ground Fluidline Swatch)

I used the wet n wild Comfort Zone 8-palette for this look...the brown side. I absolutely, still, love that palette. I also lined my top lashline with MAC Rich Ground Fluidline. It's the most beautiful bronze eyeliner. Next time I use it I'll have to use matte shadows so the liner stands out a bit more.




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