New Glamour Doll Eyes Swatches!

I recently recieved a new sponsorship package from Glamour Doll Eyes and I'm pretty sure that these are my most favorite colors ever. EVER. They're seriously just amazing. I swear I opened my package and was in Heaven.

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Left to right
Top row: Mingles, Petticoat, and Tabloid
Bottom row: Trophy Wife, Undercover, and Royal Assassin 

My Favorite MAC Lipsticks

I figured that since I was on a "favorites" kick with my eyeshadow palettes and blushes, I'd also post my favorite matte lipsticks too. These are the ones I wear most often and my go-to's as far as bold lips go.

Bright Tropical Eyes feat. wet n wild

I haven't ever done a colorful, vibrant look using wet n wild...nothing like this at least. I used a few different palettes, all of which are shown below. Enjoy! :)

Wearable Yellow Eyes

I've done this look before. I even posted a blog on it, though I'm not sure if it's still up. It's one of my favorite looks though so I wanted to recreate it and share with you all again. I had a small freelance job the other day and this is what I wore to it.

I also wore my hair pulled back, something that I've been doing more often lately. I love how it looks. It draws more attention to my face and eyes :)

My Favorite Eyeshadow Palettes

Requested by the lovely LyricallyNess, my favorite eyeshadow palettes!

wet n wild Silent Treatment and I'm Getting Sunburned Trios

Both are absolutely gorgeous and very versatile. They can go from day to night, wearable to dramatic. Check this post for swatches.

Brown with a Touch of Blue feat. Glamour Doll Eyes

I've been in a major Glamour Doll Eyes mood lately. This time I wanted to tone it down a bit but still use a little color. I haven't used Island Chic much until now but I discovered that it's such a gorgeous color (bottom lashline).

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My Everyday Naked Palette Look

To see my thoughts on the Urban Decay Naked Palette along with swatches, CLICK HERE.

This is a look that I've been doing most often lately. I wear it to work nearly everyday now :)

My Favorite Blushes

It was like a month ago (or probably more), that Glam-Morena requested I do this post. So here it is...finally! :)

Purple and Soft Sparkling Red Eyes feat. Glamour Doll Eyes

It's been a while since I used my Glamour Doll Eyes shadows. I got back in the mood the other day though and have been rocking them since.

This look uses 3 GDE eyeshadows and one of the glitter Eyelights as well. The Eyelights are awesome for those of you who don't want to spend the money on higher end glitters. They're awesome! I have to add though, my lid color is Bobbin' for Apples which is Limited Edition from one of their previous fall collections. Any redtoned pink, or soft red eyeshadow would work though. Or use whatever color you want! :)

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Wearable Coral Eyes

I've been very into wearable looks lately. They're faster, and easier. This time I mixed in a soft coral eyeshadow to change things up a bit. The colors blend so well together so I didn't feel like I had too much going on. Plus, I love the palette I used for this look. It's one of my favorites!

Viva Glam Gaga 2--Swatches and Thoughts

As most of you know, Lady Gaga and MAC recently released Viva Glam Gaga 2. It's been quite popular...I've seen it on a ton of blogs. So, last time I went to MAC, I thought I'd pick it up and I'm so glad I did. I actually never purchased the first Viva Glam Gaga; it was too much of a milky pink for my taste. I did pick up Viva Glam Cyndi though and it's still one of my favorite lipsticks.

As for Viva Glam Gaga 2, when I tried to wear it on its own (without lipliner and/or gloss) it looked a bit too dry, too yellow and a little brown, way too light, and very concealer-ish. However I do love it pair with a soft pink lipliner (like my favorite Ulta brand Flesh lipliner). It adds a hint of pink to it that makes it into the perfect nude for me. I don't mind wearing it without a gloss as it gives it a very blanked out appearance without being completely blank, if that even makes sense. When I do wear gloss over it my favorite is Balmshell's Yummy Mummy (still my favorite gloss EVER).

You can also see me wearing it HERE in my Hot Pink and Orange Smokey Eye look :)

And now...swatches! Well packaging...then swatches~

Urban Decay Naked Palette--Swatches and Thoughts

Yes, I finally caved and bought an Urban Decay Naked Palette. I know it's been in high demand and sold out everywhere, but I really never wanted one. However, lately I've been wearing browns and other "naked" colors a lot more. And now I have to admit that I do love it. I've been wearing a lot lately; nearly everyday. However, it's not SO amazing that I understand the obsession over it. Plus, it's a permanent product so if you can't get it now, it's not going anywhere.

Basically, if you're a more wearable makeup kinda person, then this palette is great. If not, it's not a must-have.

Also, I have to add that I really, really wish that Urban Decay had put a matte highlight eyeshadow in this palette. Actually, I'd love it if Urban Decay came out with an all matte Naked palette.... It'd be a lot more "naked" than this one which doesn't really seem naked to me at all. Plus, Urban Decay makes some of the most amazing mattes ever.