MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Swatches and Thoughts | My Collection

MAC says:

A luxurious velvet-soft powder with high-frost metallic finish. Smoothes on: adds buffed-up highlights to cheeks, or an overall ultra-deluxe polish to the face.
Just a little beauty blog lingo for you before I start...Mineralize Skinfinishes are also known as MSFs :)

Top: Lightscapade, Perfect Topping, By Candlelight
Bottom: Cheeky Bronze, So Ceylon, Triple Fusion

Lightscapade, Perfect Topping, By Candlelight, Cheeky Bronze, So Ceylon

Triple Fusion (first 3 swatches: individual colors, last swatch: all 3 mixed)


This highly coveted Skinfinish is truly stunning. It gives off a beautiful, natural glow and despite it's white "in the pan" appearance, the buffed out end result gives off more of a pale golden sheen. What I love about Lightscapade is that it goes with all color palettes. It doesn't matter what eyeshadows or cheek colors I wear, Lightscapade looks lovely.

Perfect Topping:
Yet another one of MAC's most popular Mineralize Skinfinishes is Perfect Topping. This MSF, like Lightscapade gives a beautiful glow, but it leans more toward pinked peach. The texture of this one is amazingly smooth. Plus, how gorgeous is it in the pan? Love it!

By Candlelight:
The gorgeous By Candlelight adds a stunning peach champagne sheen to the skin. The sheen/shine factor of this MSF is definitely high though so a little goes a very long way. I literally only have to tap my duo fiber brush on the product to get enough for both cheeks. It looks beautiful over bronzer. A very smooth, blendable texture.

Cheeky Bronze:
Cheeky Bronze...oh my. Similar to By Candlelight in its smooth texture, but Cheeky Bronze is more peach than champagne. The pigmentation on this one is stronger than the previous MSFs that I've shared with you. It's what I love about Cheeky makes a beautiful, glowing peach blush. I especially love it during the summer.

So Ceylon:
So Ceylon was one of my first Mineralize Skinfinishes along with Soft and Gentle (which just met its untimely demise). It has a definite red tone to it...redder than what the swatch above translates. Also, it has less of a sheen than the other MSFs that I have which make it a bit more "wearable" if you're shy about non-matte cheek colors.

Triple Fusion:
The most unique of my MSF collection is Triple Fusion. Three strips of color, allowing for several different color combinations. I tend to wear this one when I'm going plum or neutral on the eyes, swirling all three colors together. Therefore, I use it less than all of the others, but I still think it's GORGEOUS. Oh and it's AMAZING for eyeshadow.

So, of my six Mineralize Skinfinishes which do I like the most? they are in order of my love for them, #1 being the MSF love of my life:

#1 Perfect Topping
#2 By Candlelight
#3 Lightscapade
#4 Cheeky Bronze
#5 Triple Fusion
#6 So Ceylon

Which MSFs do you have? Which are your favorite here? If you have swatches on your blog, feel free to share the link below! I'd love to see!


Girlie Blogger said...

Wow. Love all the rich pigments. MAC does have good blushes.

Lacey said...

I have Soft and Gentle and I absolutely adore it. It's my first MSF, and I am tempted to get more :)

A Brilliant Brunette said...

@Girlie Blogger: MAC has lovely blushes! Actually I love their face products in, powder, blush...I love it all. :)

@Lacey: My Soft and Gentle was almost gone. Then I dropped it and it shattered. I killed it :( lol. I may get another sometimes soon. I did love that one a lot!

Nouf said...

I've always been fascinated by MAC's Mineralize Skinfinish Powders. They are great highlighters. Thanks for sharing those swatches xx

Lianne said...

I haven't tried any of these yet but I'm tempted to get a lesson at the shop in highlighting/contouring anyway so it will be a perfect opportunity to play with them. I used liquid blush highlighters recently through pregnancy and they became an essential

sahar awan said...

grt swatches I am fascinated

Rai said...

So jealous! lol

Misseblog said...

Lovely colours, they look so so pretty xx

TzeYien89 said...

i loveeeee by candlelight but id love to try some others you have there.. xxx

Tracy D said...

I have By Candlelight only and I have to agree, a little really does go a long way. I will NEVER finish it :)

funkymacgirl said...

NO Soft and Gentle? this one is my favorite i also have a msf from the blonde collection? this one is my fav too and Porcelain Pink.. eh its ok.

Jacquelyn said...

I adore So Ceylon! My first MSF ever to own! Also, my favorites are Cheeky Bronze, Lightscapade, Stereo Rose and Brunette.

k.London said...

uh . . . loves it! Great collection!

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