MAC Eyeshadow Swatches | Greens, Blues, Taupes, and Black

Swatches on bare skin, no base --

Left to right:
Sumptuous Olive, Rated R (LE), One-Off (LE), Juxt, Aquavert (LE)

Steamy, Surf USA (LE), Strike A Pose (LE)

Winkle, Electric Eel, Freshwater

Blue Storm (LE), Deep Truth, Contrast, Prussian

Satin Taupe, Coquette, Smoke and Diamonds (LE), Print, Carbon


  1. I love strike a pose and contrast they are amazing! thanks for sharing!

  2. So pigmented. I long for the day I have this many m.a.c eyeshadows lol

  3. Those deep blue shades are fabulous!

  4. I absolutely love Steamy,I've just never bought it because it doesn't seem to work with my skin tone at all :(

  5. OMG....I need to win the lotto!!! I want it all!!!



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