MAC Eyeshadow Swatches: The Highlights and Browns

My MAC eyeshadow collection - Swatches

Swatches on bare skin (hands lotioned to hold the color)

Left to right:
Brule, Dazzlelight, Vapour, Naked Lunch, Malt

Era, Wedge, Ricepaper, Arena, Tete-A-Tint, Soft Brown

Woodwinked, Cork, Charcoal Brown, Brun, Mulch, Bronze

Samoa Silk, Brownscript, Swiss Chocolate, Brown Down, Embark, Smut


HeartDollie♥ said...

girl, you beat me too it lol, i wanna do my collection of mac shadows too, atleast my neutral palette anyways, i think i have all those that you showed, great swatches my love! can`t wait to see more!!

<3 Dollie.

PlumFoolery said...

I want them all haha. Could you tell me which one is better? Naked lunch or all that glitters? I feel like they are both fairly neutral every day go to color, but i can decide which one to get...i ll probably end up getting both :D

Jenn said...

Great post! Appreciate the swatches.
xo Jenn

TzeYien89 said...

thats a hell a lot of similar browns lol xxx

A Brilliant Brunette said...

@PlumFoolery: I actually used to have All that Glitters but never repurchased it after it ran out. I prefer Naked Lunch because, for me, it's more versatile. I can use it all over my eye. All That Glitters was too rich to use for my browbone highlight. The two are close but naked Lunch just works better for me :)

Phyrra said...

Vapour has been a staple of mine for forever! I also love Dazzlelight but I don't reach for it as often. Naked Lunch looks nice.

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