Gosh Extreme Art Liquid Eyeliners - Swatches and Thoughts

Gosh says:

GOSH EXTREME ART EYELINER is a new liquid semi-permanent eyeliner. The combination of a fantastically soft and light formulation and an ideally formed brush makes it possible to draw a line that is beautiful, even and precise. Depending on the angle at which the brush is held, it is possible to adjust the thickness of the line – from very thin lines to super thick lines.

GOSH EXTREME ART EYELINER gives you a makeup that lasts the entire day. It is available in 12 fantastic colors, which give beautiful, expressive eyes whether you use it along the eyelash edge or around the eye. It dries quickly and gives you a very deep and intense color.

My Thoughts:
For those of you who loved and miss MAC LiquidLast liners as much as I do, these Gosh Extreme Art Eyeliners may be for you. I received these liners from Heather (Sokolum79) and I love them. Metallic, bold, and long-lasting, they're just perfect in my eyes (and on my eyes for that matter). They have a thin brush applicator which allows for precision and more freedom in personal preference; you can go thin or thick with it. In comparison to MAC LiquidLast liners, I actually prefer these because while they're long-lasting, they're not an absolute nightmare to remove like the MAC liners were.

Left to right:
13, 17, 09, 08, and 06


Destinee said...

These are GORGEOUS!

Cupcake said...

i've got the second one and i absolutely loooove it!

Nikki said...

Need <3

Christine Iversen said...

These look so beautiful :)

Love Christine ♥

Lauren Baker said...

These look awesome. xx

Alessia said...

They are absolutely AMAZING! As soon as I manage to find a gosh seller (we don't have superdrug or any other chain with this brand in Italy) I'm gonna buy all the shades! Thanks for the pictures!

nymphette said...

Oh dear.... You enabler, you

JoJo said...

extremely pigmented..looks comparable to urban decay as well

MereMakeupManiac said...

wow so vibrant, love it!

socialitedreams said...

wow, they are so gorgeous! that gold is amazing

sokolum79 said...

I am glad you like them Jacqueline! I just tried out my 13 and I love it, it's like foil and it came off with my regular makeup remover too. I didn't know that MAC discontinued Liquidlast. :(

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