Tropical Matte 88 Color Palette -- Swatches and Thoughts

I'm not quite sure how I feel about this palette. It's beautiful...gorgeous colors. A mixture of neutrals and soft colors. If you're not one for bold color, but prefer something softer and more wearable, this palette is perfect. For me though, the colors aren't quite my style. Also, I found that out of all of the 88 palettes I have, this one has the most sheer colors. While swatching I noticed that there were quite a few that just didn't meet my standards where pigmentation is concerned. Granted most of the colors were nicely pigmented, but not all (or nearly all) like they usually are with the 88 palettes. You'll be able to tell in the pictures which colors were on the sheer side. I will say though that the sheerness won't be an issue for those of you who steer away from highly bold, pigmented colors. It's just personal preference.

If you're interested in trying this palette it's on sale at BH Cosmetics right now...only $13.96!
Tropical Matte Palette (from BH Cosmetics)
$19.95 regular price

Swatches over concealer:

Columns 1 and 2

Columns 3 and 4

Columns 5 and 6

Columns 7 and 8

Columns 9 and 10

Column 11


Alexisaurus said...

I've always wanted to try the 88 palettes. Thanks for the review!


Fakhra's said...

lovely shades... so waiting for their EOTD....

Marika-xoxo said...

Bh cosmetics has the best palettes!

Ashley said...

Very pretty colors! Pigmentation seems to be the big issue with some of the many different palettes out there.

Jessie said...

Holy wow, I want this! I love my CS palettes! The colors look really pigmented!

sahar awan said...

great review..colorz are wearable..

Rai said...

This palette isn't my favorite either. It's okay. I love the 88 Cool Matte palette so much more.

sahar awan said...

some colors are so pretty and pigmented...lovely

CottonCandyINK said...

all beautiful colors, my fav is column 5 and 6.

hoping you'll follow back

Illeryana said...

A lot of these colors look shimmery (surprising since this is the matte palette). Do they look that way in person and on the eye?

kimmydadiva said...

Very nice colors, awesome swatches- I just might get it. That column 2 color, second from the left looks like something similar from that new MAC collection...hmmmm!

Tracy D said...

I have stared at the 28 neutral and the 88 warm for almost a year and still haven't bit...This is nice but I think there are a lot of colors I'd just never wear unfortunately. Thanks for the review!

Red lips, Black hair said...

Amazing swatches!! So rich and pigmented!

CityGirl said...

Hey *brilliant brunette*!
Man I wish I lived in the States! We don't get anything like this kind of make up here in South Africa, and for so cheap! Well I shall just have to live through your reviews then!

Nayalin 'D said...

I have the same palettes as your. They are amazing and I always use this in daily!!

evrim said...

WOW nicw Palette! Really love your blog!

Frederikke said...


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Come check it out :-)

Jess said...

some of them are satin otherwise they're matte, so it isn't exactly shimmer. i searched it up. thx for the review.

A Brilliant Brunette said...

There is some satin but there's definitely some shimmery/frosty my palette at least.

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