Gleam Body Radiance by Melanie Mills (Swatches and About)

Gleam says:

GLEAM Body Radiance creates a natural lit from within glow for the skin in an easy application. The lightest to the deepest complexions are all made luminous by a formula that hides skin imperfections, even filling wrinkles and enhancing the texture of the skin thanks to GLEAM Body Radiance’s velvety botanical base. GLEAM can be applied in a light touch to highlight shoulders, décolleté or to massage in liberally like a lotion, for all-over perfection.

Velvety, weightless yet so very rich, GLEAM Body Radiance makes your skin look alive and gorgeous for any occasion. GLEAM Body Radiance is transfer-resistant and imparts the look of radiant skin health and is an instant confidence booster. GLEAM luminizes and perfects skin in a lightly-scented vanilla potion, as a foundation does for the face.

“GLEAM Body Radiance is fabulous for anyone, and I wanted to add ingredients that were wonderful for the skin,” says Melanie Mills. GLEAM Body Radiance is made of water and Olive Oil, infused with Jojoba Seed Oil, Safflower Seed Oil, antioxidants Japanese Green Tea and White Tea extracts, Aloe Leaf Extract and Brown Seaweed, a hydrating marine extract that stimulates synthesis of Hyaluronic acid and increases elasticity. Together these anti-aging ingredients slow the breakdown of collagen and elastin in the skin.

$40 for 3.5oz
$15 for 1.0oz

Lately I've been giving Gleam, created by Emmy Award winning makeup artist, Melanie, Mills, a try and I love it. It gives me a radiant glow while bronzing parts of my body that need a bit more color. I've found that each color works for my skintone, and any skintone for that matter, but it does require a bit of blending for the deeper shades so they apply evenly. For me, the one that works best is Bronze Gold as it helps my lighter areas match my darker ones. For instance, when wearing a low-cut shirt, I'll apply Bronze Gold to my lower chest to avoid differentiation and it looks gorgeous. It gives a subtle sheen to my skin; a glow that shows even more in the sun or other lighting. Rose Gold and Light Gold also give me a glow without darkening my skin. I haven't used Deep Gold though as it's darker than what I want for myself.

Rose Gold and Light Gold also made beautiful cheek highlights on myself. All of them can be used on the face though so depending on your skintone, each could make a beautiful highlight.

Also, they're great for covering skin imperfections in a natural way. The sheer coverage hides imperfections and the radiance reflects light away from them. In fact, in the swatches below, you can see how they make the freckles on my hand less noticeable.

-gives radiance to the skin
-can be used as a tanner, cheek highlight, body radiance...very multipurpose!
-transfer resistant
-smells lovely
-all shades can be used on any skintone

-pricey at $40 for 3.5oz and $25 for 1.0oz
-darker colors might take some serious blending if you choose to use them

Overall a lovely product! My only issue would be the price. Just depends how much you're willing to pay.

Here are more product pictures and swatches!

Light Gold

Rose Gold

Bronze Gold

Deep Gold


Vicki - aka- LVMAKEUP said...

I tried them out at Imats, although they did look nice on my arms, the price is too high, for what the product is.

BaileyB, said...

These look amazing! I might have to try it, despite the price. Do they feel oily or greasy? I have acne-prone skin but I would love to use it as a highlight. Do you think it could cause a breakout if I use it on my face?

Kia said...

I can't believe how gorgeous they are! I'm def going to have to try them!

Jenn said...

wow they look so pretty!!! I've never heard of them but you make me want to try it :)

sanam from DayByDiva.Com said...

great review :)


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