wet n wild Dream Weavers Trio Swatches and Reviews

Keep reading for swatches and individual reviews on each palette!

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Swatches (over concealer):

We're Blasting Off
Browbone: Matte baby pink with white reflects
Crease: Dark burgundy brown with pink reflects
Eyelid: Shimmery pinked taupe

I absolutely love this palette. It might be one of my favorites in this collection and though some of the colors (the Crease and Eyelid colors) are similar to other palettes, it's worth it for the Browbone pink shadows. If you love pink eyeshadow like I do, the baby pink is a must-have.

Dancing In The Clouds

Browbone: Shimmery champagne
Crease: Satin violet purple with a very slight blue duochrome finish
Eyelid: Shimmery pinked copper

This one is very likely to be the most popular in the collection. I love the Browbone and Eyelid colors. They're actually dupes of MAC colors which I'll have a post on soon. However, I was slightly disappointed in the purple. It's not as pigmented as I was thinking it'd be. Yes, it swatched great, but I did have to build up the color some. Just be sure to use a sticky base with it, like a NYX Jumbo Pencil, and it'll be fine.

Earth Looks Small From Down Here
Browbone: Shimmery golden olive green
Crease: Shimmery navy blue with blue reflects
Eyelid: Bright shimmery green

This palette is lovely. Another favorite also filled with MAC dupes (and Urban Decay dupes too). While the navy can be found in other wet n wild palettes, the olive green and bright green are both totally unique and beautiful.

Fly Me To The Moon
Browbone: Frosty sheer white
Crease: Matte black with silver reflects
Eyelid: Satin bright blue

This palette is 100% worth it for the blue alone. Seriously...it is amazing and not like anything in any other wet n wild palettes. It actually reminds me a lot of MAC Submarine eyeshadow and Freshwater (but not shimmery). The black is crazy pigmented too but the white is on the sheer side. I personally like the sheerness of it but if you want it to be more opaque, simply use a white base and pack the color on. Problem fixed! I LOVE this palette though.

Enter A New Realm
Browbone: Metallic silver
Crease: Matte black
Eyelid: Satin true red

wet n wild is one of the only drugstore brands (the only brand that I personally can think of) that carries a true red eyeshadow so if you're a red lover, definitely pick this one up! My prediction is that it'll be one of the customer faves along with dancing in the clouds. It is truly gorgeous. All of the shadows in this palette are amazingly pigmented.

Bright Idea
Browbone: Shimmery sunny yellow
Crease: Shimmery lime green
Eyelid: Shimmery bright bubblegum pink

If you like brights, you won't want to miss out on this one. Though I'm not a huge green fan, I do love pink and yellow so this palette is love for me. All of the colors are smooth and pigmented...just perfection!

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D.Sadie said...

WOW! I can't believe how pigmented the colors are. So pretty.

Redz2486 said...

Those palette's are amazing, I love the colour's. Great swatches =). Wonder if they will be available in the UK?

Laetitia said...

What a great palette of colors!
I love them allll!


Rai said...

Gahhhh I want my package! lol

Christine Iversen said...

These trios are gorgeous, I love all of them :) Definitely want all of these in my collection :)

Love Christine ♥

Sophie said...

Lovely! I need these, I wish they did WnW in the UK!

Iridescent Makeup said...

I'm excited about the new palettes! They are a definite change to their line. They're getting brighter! =)

Evelien said...

I'm officially in love. Damn, those pigments! ♥

Rai said...

Can't wait for these to be released :D I <3 wnw

Nymphette said...


Lizzie said...

Loving those new colors!!!

sokolum79 said...

OMG, I want these even more now that I've seen the swatches...

Jackee said...

I am really loving Wet N Wild these days. These are gorgeous!!

BreezeyBee said...

they look amazing.. i need some!!!


Olivia Frescura said...

the one with the purple duochrome looks amazing!

Natalie said...

I love the Bright Idea palette!

Jennifer Leigh said...

They look great.. I adore the middle shadow of the first trio.

Liz said...

I can't wait to try this eyeshadows!
Wnw is one of my favorite drugstore brands because theyre so affordable and unique.

Miss Ellis said...

I definitely need no more eye shadows...lol...but I love some of these. I will be on the look out for them.

Wifezilla Hekela said...

Ive got to have them all :) lol

EyezNBlush said...

Oh I really wish that WetNWild had an online website to purchase from. Sometimes my walgreens, CVS and rite aids don't get items. For example I never came across the summer collection with the golden trio and I wanted that really bad. I am def. picking up three at least if I can! Thanks for posting swatches :)

MakeupNme said...

I NEED all these! I went to walgreens today, knowing that they probably weren't out yet, but wanted to check anyway. I'll have to check back next week.

Christine Iversen said...

These look stunning, definitely on my wishlist :)

Love Christine ♥

Beauty on a College budget said...

The collection colors are a little crazy for my tastes but I LOVE dancing in the clouds and We're blasting off, I hope I can find these in stores!! I want to own them like now!!!!


Joanna said...

I love them all its hard to pick which palette I would buy

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