New wet n wild Juicy Lip Balms

Price Point: $2.99
CVS Exclusive
Permanent Collection

Delectably juicy SPF 15 lip balms keep lips moisturized all day. Enriched with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E to soothe and condition. Contains SPF 15 to protect lips from harmful UVB rays. Available in 4 delicious flavors.

280C Cherry
281C Raspberry
282C Watermelon
283C Strawberry

I'm always looking for lip balms to keep my lips soft so I'm excited to try these new ones from wet n wild. They're exclusive to CVS so you won't find them anywhere but there. In fact, though they're not slated to be on shelves til mid-July, they may already be at some locations (Nouveau Cheap has already seen them at hers!)


Sweet As Honey Blog said...

I wish my CVS had these. I keep looking but I haven't seen them yet.

funkymacgirl said...

oOOOo im gonna be on the look out for those there package is cute!!

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