MAC Surf Baby Eyeshadow Swatches!

Picked up a few shadows from MAC's Surf Baby collection and I have to say, they're SO gorgeous. I don't have anything like them and they're all crazy pigmented. I didn't pick up the grey eyeshadow though...kinda wish I did!

My favorites are Surf USA and Sun Blonde, and Sun Blonde is likely the most unique. It's a dirty yellow...totally different from any yellow I own. If you love yellow shadows, I highly suggest Sun Blonde!

Left to right (over concealer):
Surf USA, Saffron, Sun Blonde, Short Shorts


JC! :) said...

the shadows are very vibrant on you! shadow-wise, i only picked up sun blonde and surf usa but you kind of make me wish i'd gotten short shorts now. saffron is nice too but i look kind of bruised when i wear colors like that LOL.

i love you blog!

Cooking without the recipe said...

was wondering what these where like... I like that they are highly pigmented but how do they blend? I've had a few problems with mac in the past.

but i do like the short short color and the sun blonde make great highlight colors!

D.Sadie said...

Great swatches! Those colors are gorgeous! I love all of them.


maika said...

i love surf usa

A Brilliant Brunette said...

@Cooking without the recipe: They blend fine for me. I'll be posting a look soon using all the colors. They blend and transition into each other beautifully.

mskaytee said...

I picked up Sun Blonde and Surf USA as well and I cannot wait to play around with them. I was a little disappointed when I swatched them in store but once I got them home and put them over a base they looked gorgeous.

Nicola said...

I want them all!! xx

Rai said...

You definitely need to go back to get Swell Baby!

Kimberly said...

here are some dupes my lovelies:

surf usa = mac gulf stream
sun blonde = urban decay honey
short shorts = mac white gold pigment over mac nylon
swell baby = print over white base like nyx milk or nyx white/pearl eyeshadow base
saffron (I'm still working on this one) far leaning towards red brick + coppering

Miss Ellie Sugar said...

awww that blue/turquoise :x:x just lovely

A Brilliant Brunette said...

Kimberly...thanks for the dupes! If you'd like to do a guest post with pictures of your suggestions feel free to e-mail me with details! :)

Celia said...

i kinda regret not getting saffron... hmmm my wallet :(

Iloshka Glittering said...

cute colors! the blue one is the best!! I like to use that kind of shadow a loot!

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