Jesse's Girl Eye Dust Swatches

Recently, Glam2Go sent me a few Jesse's Girl Eye Dust samples. I hadn't used Jesse's Girl for years but I remember the Eye Dusts to be very sheer and requiring WAY too much effort to make work on the eyes...having to apply them wet then dry, over a colored base, over a sticky base...all that kinda stuff. However, after just swatching these 4 samples I can tell that Jesse's Girl has really stepped up their game. The Eye Dusts are incredibly pigmented and smooth. They seem like they'd apply nicely but they're SO finely milled that I'm a little concerned that they'll go sheer easily upon blending...I'll have to try them on my eyes first. So far I'm definitely impressed though!

Swatches over concealer:
Left to right: Blackstar, Antique Green, Mardi Gras, Ultra Violet


Janalyn said...

OMG those color are to die for!! They look so vibrant and iridescent!!! LOVE!! Hopefully they do look as vibrant when blended =)

unleash_the_bats said...

OMG I love Blackstar and Ultra Violet! Gorgeous!!

Rai said...

Lovely! Reminds me I need to pull out my Antique Green.

MaryElizabeth said...

Wow those colors are all so pigmented! I love the green and blue! Gorgeous!

Phyrra said...

Blackstar is gorgeous!

FoxyAries said...

Looking at them in the container, I didn't think I would like them - HOWEVER the swatches look beautiful!!!

~Amber~ said...


Jennifer Leigh said...

Oh WOW, I need to hunt these down and buy them all!

LipGlossGossip said...

Love the colors! So pretty! :)

sirkah-haroulita said...

wow these colours are sooooooooooo beautiful!!!!!
fantastic wanna try them too lol

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