wet n wild Summer Preview!

Just thought I'd share some of the new products that wet n wild will be releasing in mid-May, so here they are!

Mermaid’s Cove
Limited Edition Fast Dry Nail Color
Price Point: $1.99

Mesmerize with one enchanting curl of your finger!

Splash into the season’s most hypnotic colors and effects! These enchanting nail colors come in our 60-second Fast Dry Nail Color formula, perfect for the summer!

33593 Waves of Enchantment (carnation pink with flecks of gold)
33594 Magic Trident (orange shimmer)
33595 Sea of Dreams (lilac shimmer)
33596 Atlantis (bold pink glitter)
33597 Diving for Pearls (teal shimmer)
33598 Stream of Wonder (cerulean shimmer)
33599 Ocean Grotto (lime green with flecks of gold and silver)
33600 Sea Witch (royal purple shimmer)

Go For the Gold
Limited Edition Color Icon Bronzer and Eyeshadow
Price Point: $2.99

Get the 24 Karat Look!

Gold flatters any eye color and any complexion! Two beauty essentials in glamorous golds create a luminous, radiant look just in time for summer! This collection includes a Color Icon Eyeshadow Trio and Bronzer. The multi-hued bronzer can be used individually or together to create a healthy glow and the eyeshadow trio is perfectly color-coordinated to create that sun-kissed look.

33579 The Gilded Age (Color Icon Eyeshadow Trio)
33581 Everything Under the Sun (Color Icon Bronzer)

Limited Edition Craze Nail Color
Price Point: $1.99

Trendy. Edgy. Artsy.

Painting on the hottest new shades is at your fingertips! Introducing the latest collection in the Craze line chosen from the latest trends. These fun, high-performance, monochromatic shades are inspired by urban art culture.

33584 Vandalize (black crème)
33585 Sribble (violet crème)
33586 Tagger (blue crème)
33587 Undercover (green crème)
33588 Art Crime (yellow crème)
33589 Scratchiti (orange crème)
33590 Writings On the Wall (red crème)
33591 Street Art (pink crème)
33592 Mad Styles (white crème)


Yomi Uba said...

The orange looks great!

KatXoXo said...

ooo I like the oranges and lime greens!

Anonymous said...

thnx for the heads up on the WNW LE. how come its not even up on their website yet? i'm not happy about that. haha. and i stopped at a few drugstores today and no one had it yet. i'm anxious to get the eyeshadow trio. do u have it already or did u just hear about this? thnx!

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