Leopard Print Nails (Essie and wet n wild)

These were my nails a few weeks ago and I absolutely loved them. For those of you who don't know how to do leopard print nails, they're super easy! You can find a ton of tutorials on Youtube. Plus, what I love is that when they chip, it's not very noticeable, haha! :)

I used Essie Sand Tropez (base color), and wet n wild Everybody Loves Redmond (spots) and Ebony Hates Chris (detail).


she walks iin beauty said...

I love this color combo! I'm doing my nails like this today. (:

Danielle87 said...

I tried doing the leopard print on myself and I didn't like the outcome. Practice so I guess I will be trying it out again thanks to your post : )

lovevictoriaa said...

oh my gosh! these colors look so pretty together!! and you're so good at the leopard print! i only pulled it off once with black and gold!

KatXoXo said...

These turned out so great!! I've been messing around with nail art for a while now...I'm still not that god though. Definetely not good enough to post anything lol!!

ChloƩ said...

So cute !!! :)

Yvette said...

Love it!!!

imani nikkol said...

This is soooo cuteee !!

Nymphette said...

So pretty! Hmmm I haven't done leopard nails in awhile.... I should do some!

Ms. Prettyful Girl said...

Wow. Very cool trio of colors you picked. Looks hott!!

Viralitis said...

I've seen all kinds of cheetah prints on nails but this one is super unique! The red makes it pop and keeps it loooking classy.


Karulka said...

krrrnnjaauuu :D

BABYGIRL said...

I LOVE IT !!!! ;)

-prettybrown said...

love it!

Dale said...

Great post, I love the color of your nails too. i couldn't figure out how to do that myself. This is so cute.


Anonymous said...

Wow, so gorgeous! :D
Thanks for this idea, I got the Essie color a few days ago and LOVED it, but wanted something fun to do with it, so I'm glad I found this. It isn't as hard as it looks, and people have given me so many compliments! Mine doesn't look quite as good as yours, though. :P

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