28 Neutral Palette Swatches

A nice palette, but not my favorite, the 28 Neutral Palette is basically for those who want a palette that isn't filled with a ton of color. If you like softer, more natural looks, or if you prefer the neutral shades, this palette is great. My only thing is that while the swatches came out great, it's different on my eyes. Maybe I just need to play with the palette a bit more...maybe add a thicker base. A good, creamy base is definitely needed to bring out the pigmentation of this palette.

If you're interested in that palette, it's available on a ton of websites. Just do a Google search! :)

Swatches! (over concealer)

Row 1 and 2

Row 3 and 4


shortwidenails said...

I can't wait to see looks you come up with using this palette, I'm waiting for mine in the mail

Dhalia said...

These are some nice neutral shades.


Tanisa O Rossi said...

I enjoy using this palette! :) Great swatches!

Stephine said...

Very pretty, I can't wait for you to do some neutral looks! I like these people so people with any skin tone can use them :)

Shopcoholic said...

I own this palette but I rarely use it nowadays =)

Alex said...

ive order 2 28 neutral palettes and they were both totally different one is my absolute favorite and the other one is ok, bute there is a huge difference in some of the colors!

Eugenia said...

Wow, I really like the matte colors A LOT!

liquoredonlacquer said...

I used to use this palette all the time, now not so much!! :)

A Brilliant Brunette said...

@Alex...where did you get the palette that you love? I'm curious if maybe the company you ordered from offers a better grade of the product. :)

CopyCat said...

I have had this palette for almost 2 years... its great! it has a lot of matte colors and I just wish the 88 neutral palette came out before this palette

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