Balmshell Lipgloss Review and Swatches

Top to bottom: Ah...The Classic, Curse of the Purse, and Shoe Fetish

About the product:
BALMSHELL’s high-end conditioning formula contains lanolin oil, jojoba oil and no artificial preservatives. Perfume-free, BALMSHELL is slightly flavored with a hint of natural fruity vanilla. This unique formula creates a smooth high gloss finish to enhance and give the appearance of full supple lips.

Each shade is packaged in a unique tube that contains a floating illustration. Each illustration has a cute story line that can relate to every woman. When you are finished with the gloss you can unscrew the illustration and attach it to a complimentary keychain component allowing you to keep the artwork.

Conditioning Formula

* Jojoba oil (brings moisture to the lips)
* Lanolin oil (locks in moisture)
* No Artificial preservatives
* Paraben free
* Perfume-free, flavoured with a hint of fruity vanilla
* Non-sticky and sheer, varies in sparkle and shimmer

$20.00 each

My review:
Slick, non-sticky, light-weight, yummy tasting, and adorable...I'm in love; I've worn these glosses nearly everyday since I received them. As much as I love the formula, I also love the concept of these glosses. They're seriously the cutest things ever and knowing that when the gloss is gone (or before that if you want) I'll have a super cute, illustrated keychain. Yes...$20 for a lipgloss is on the pricey side. However, taking the formula and the packaging into account, the price tag is warranted.

They make great gifts!

Visit the Balmshell website to see all the colors they offer as well as animated versions of the keychain. I also provided links below in the color descriptions.

Swatches (Left to right: Ah...The Classic, Curse of the Purse, and Shoe Fetish)

Ah...The Classic
Shade: Sheer Raspberry Sparkle ~ perfect colour for any cocktail dress

Illustration information: This is a story of the little black dress. An essential part of any woman’s wardrobe. In this illustration, a woman is admiring herself in a mirror while she is wearing the classic black dress. She looks stunningly beautiful. When it is turned upside down, the barrel fills with silver sparkles, highlighting her classic look.

Curse of the Purse
Shade: Sheer Peachy Cream ~ a soothing colour to help calm your purse addiction

Illustration information: This is the story of an epidemic affecting Balmshell's all over the world. The curse that purses have on women. In this illustration a woman who appears to be lustfully drawn to the man of her dreams, actually passes right by him and goes to a store window. In the window is not the man but the purse of her dreams.

Shoe Fetish
Shade: Sheer Hot Fuchsia ~ a colour that will complement any shoe

Illustration information: This is the story of a woman with a shoe obsession. Her closet is filled with shoes, leaving only a small section for her clothes. As she slides back and forth trying to decide what shoes to wear, her equally shoe-obsessed companion, Jimmy Chew Chew (her miniature terrier), is chewing on one of her stilettos.

And the key chain!

DISCLAIMER: Product(s) sent complimentary of the company or PR for consideration. All opinions are honest and my own.


liquoredonlacquer said...

Those are so cute ♥

Kimberlee said...

We gave a few of these away on the Lovelyish site. Such fun stuff!

All Made Up said...

Oooh, these look gorgeous! Never seen the brand before but I'd happily buy these just for the packaging cos it looks brill! :)

The swatches are really cute too, lovely, simple, pretty colours ♥

Lolly said...

Veramente fantastici!!!! Auguri di natale e...ti andrebbe di seguirci a vicenda?? bacioni

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