Wet N Wild Idol Eyes Creme Eyeshadows

Wet N Wild says:
Soft-blending, creamy eyeshadow at the convenience of a pencil. Silky-smooth formula glides on easily for high-impact, light-infused color that lasts for hours.

For me, the Wet N Wild Color Icon Creme Eyeshadows, in a way, are comparable to MAC Shadesticks. They're very similar in consistency and blending ability. However, they're also quite a bit like NYX Jumbo Pencils in consistency as well. They're basically between Shadesticks and Jumbo Pencils...somehow :) They do have more lasting power than the Jumbo Pencils but not as much as the Shadesticks. Pigmentation wise, you can tell from the swatches that most of them are on the sheer side, but they can be built upon for more coverage. For me, I would never use these as an eyeshadow alone because my lids are incredibly oily. I would use it as an eyeshadow base which is exactly what I've been doing. If you have drier lids, I can definitely see using a quick application of these for some color.

The neutral one (Pixie) is my favorite!

And to add in another confusing comparison to the review, I prefer these and Jumbo Pencils over Shadesticks. Just so you know :)

Highly recommended!

Left to right:
130 (Pixie), 135 (Graphite), 133 (Techno), 134 (Distress), 131 (Electro), 132 (Envy)


Asian Dollface said...

I bought the purple one because of one of your reviews on them! And the creme eyeliner too. I love the cream eyeliner, it works so well and stays on ALL day. Really is waterproof and at such a great price! These eyeshadow sticks are nice too but I do have a problem with it creasing. I tried using primer to help it stay on a little longer which it does, but still creases. But I still love them. I blend it with powder eyeshadow to blend it out and minimize the creasing. :) Thanks so much for your reviews!

Courtney!;* said...

i have techno & i absolutely love it! i need to get envy &pixie, they look amazing!

Dhalia said...

I'm not a Wet N Wild fan but these look pretty good.

Thanks for reviewing.


princessvalecia said...

I have the dark blue and purple ones. I've had them since maybe april or may. I love them as bases! Now you have me excited about finding the other colors

Emily♥ 에밀리 ♥エミリー said...

Ah I was curious about these, thanks for the info and swatches! :)

A Brilliant Brunette said...

@Asian Dollface: Sorry to hear the shadows creased on you! They don't on me at all :/ Just curious, if you don't mind, what primer are you using? And are your lids typically really oily?

Mai said...

Pixie looks amazing, especially when I want to just have a light look on my eyes.

I've been interested in getting these but I swear, every drugstore is out of them!

beauty editor said...

very nice colors!
unfortunately i don't know this brand

Christine said...

these are so pretty, would love to try them out one day. I have NYX Jumbo eye pencils and im loving those :)

x Christine


...Live.Love.MakeUp... said...

pretty colors. I bet they are really affordable too!


Angela said...

Hope to see these in Canada soon! It always takes a little while to get over the border :<

Angela @ http://dowantmakeup.tumblr.com

bourbon fatal said...

the blue and the green one are the best, i love these two shades :) !

Asian Dollface said...

I use Urban Decay's primer potion. My lids are actually dry for the most part. I use Pond's cold cream to remove my makeup and help moisturize my eyes at the same time because they're so dry. Does it work better on oil skin vs. dry?

A Brilliant Brunette said...

@Asian Dollface: I would use them over your Urban Decay Primer Potion really. That would make sure that they don't crease...it's what I do. Unless you can use a creamy base without it creasing...if so, you can use them on their own. So it just kinda depends :)

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