My MAC Collection and Storage

My setup:
Dressing table and wall mirror from Ikea, chest of drawers and lighted table top mirror from Home Goods, vintage headvases (my brush holders) from a local antique shop

Dressing table--drawer 1:

Foundations, concealers, and powders

Dressing table--drawer 2:

Mineralize Skinfinishes, blushes, and Unii Palette

Dressing table--drawer 3:
Eyeshadow singles and Heatherette palettes

Dressing table--drawer 4:
Eyeshadow singles, quads, and Mineralize eyeshadows

Vintage headvases:

Lipliners, eyeliners, eye brushes, and face brushes

Chest of drawers:

Chest of drawers--drawer 1:
Pigments and glitters

Chest of drawers--drawer 2:
Eyeliners, primers, and bases

Chest of drawers--drawer 3:

Chest of drawers--drawer 4:

And last...a sneak peak at part 2 of my collection post...non-MAC.


Emily♥ 에밀리 ♥エミリー said...

Wow, must have taken you a while to collect all that! Sweet stash ;) Nice setup too, you are one lucky lady!

PatriciaKBaby said...

WOW is all i have to say lol

Yours Truly, Suki.X said...

Love how you've presented everything! You have a beautiful set up. I love how that one MAC lipstick stands out in all its neon-y orange (with the flash anyway) glory!

♥ Cydia ♥ said...

LOVEEEE your collection :D

loveraemarie said...

you don't even know how jealous i am right now. omg..those brush holders are soooo cute!

Lauren Baker said...

I love your dressing table, it's pretty. And wow, nice collection!!

Vanessa M. said...

mmm yummy i love your collection!

MakeupJunkie88 said...

Lucky you!! ♥ ur collection!!! =)

Amyrlx said...

love the vintage head vases, super cute!

funkymacgirl said...

i love the vintage headpieces..soo cute i always say that i think ina past life i was somewhere from the 20's -50'
love it!!!!!the last head piece reminds me of I love lucy..i love that show....!!!!

K&T Makeup Artistry said...

Can you come organize mine! I love the way that you have it all organized! I need to get my organization together because its starting to consume my room.

trinity said...

beautiful!! i love it, you're so neat and organized. can you please come and re-do my room? LOL you have inspired me... i've been getting requests for make-up collection & kit vids, but i've been putting it off. maybe i'll do it this weekend! thanks for sharing, beauty! :)

Sencillamente Kyra said...

Lovely colletionnnnnn WoOoOOwWwW !!

Arezu said...

I LOVE your set up.

This is going to sound weird, but it seems like you're room (or where you store your makeup) is so cozy and, perfect (can't think of a good word). Everything looks so organized, and even in your closet (?) all the hangers are the same, placed in the same direction. Lol, maybe it's just me that notices stuff like that.

And I LOVE how you've hit pan on most of your shadows :)

Phyrra said...

Very cool!

Dorkynerd said...

Very nice stash! Love it!

...Live.Love.MakeUp... said...

You have some pretty good stuff there girl! I love the vintage head vases! SOOO artistic! I gotta try and get me some of those, somewhere! They are just soooo cool looking. Perfect for holding makeup!

Sassi said...

great post!

Ambra Beauty said...

I love your collection! Cool!!!

Rosa&Carlotta said...

wow! that's impressing!!

Check out our fashion illustrations at ! = )


Dhalia said...

VERY nice and neat kind of girl. I love it and those vtg head pieces are adorable.

Enjoy your weekend!

Bridget said...

BEAUTIFUL stash and wow, so organized!! Please tell me, where did you get your mirrored chest of drawers??? So cute!

Glamorous Glory said...


A Brilliant Brunette said... Home Goods! :)

mw said...

love the vintage head vases !

Beauty♕Ambition★ said...

i love your collection

yummy411 said...

fab organization and storage.. and it's all so cute to boot!

Lucky said...

that is an awsome makeup station! ahhh! im in love!

Chloe said...

:O I love your setup! It's gorgeous, oh how I love your brush holders! I want them hehe.

Chloe xx

Tiso said...

Thanks for sharing your stash and beautiful set up. Love your vintage head vases and the 'mannequinn' to the left of your table holding more of your bushes.

Nicole said...

ah I loved seeing all that pan on your shadows haha! Diggin the head vases too!

Vania said...

I'm Brazilian and I love your makeup.
Is very nice your collection.

missayycee said...


Dana said...

doesnt ur makeup ever expire?

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