Glamour Doll Eye Jacqueline Tower

Left to right: Family Secret, Stiletto, Glam Girl, Blue Ribbon, and Hollywood Eyelight (bottom)

You already know about my Jacqueline Collection from Glamour Doll Eyes. Now, here's the Jacqueline Tower--5 Glamour Doll Eyeshadows chosen by me to be part of a gorgeous, eye catching set. If you've been following me for a while, you might know that pink, purple, and blue is one of my favorite eyeshadow combinations. This Tower takes my favorite of those colors from the GDE line (Stiletto, Glam Girl, and Blue Ribbon), with the addition of a shimmery white (Family Secret) and a silver holographic Eyelight (Hollywood).

Definitely a fun set! I love it!

And keep an eye out for a chance to win one of these towers...this week! :)

To browse or order, just click the banner!


Rakhshanda said...

wow..looking so pigmented dear..very nice...really like all shades.

Rai said...

Ooooh, I think I need this tower!

Snooglerat said... I want this so bad! eeee! How pretty! I'm so jealous right now!

Rach said...

haha, i hella wanted your tower but i have 3 outta 5 of the colors! :( dangit. lol. so i'm just ordering the other two :D to complete my "set" hehe. :)

KT said...

OMG. LOVE!!! Can you explain to me what unblended means? I saw it on the website and read the faq but still don't really get it... It is their way of saying they aren't original colors but simply wholesaling of other pigments? If so is there a cheaper place to get them? Thanks!

Leah said...

Hi there! I'm your newest follower! I absolutely adore those colors! So pretty!! I need them! Haha! Fun blog!!

Courtney!;* said...

love the colors in your tower! i need to get it soon.

A Brilliant Brunette said...


Unblended means that they haven't been mixed with other colors...they're basically repackaged colors. Not sure if there's somewhere cheaper to get them though.

*Misha* said...

i want this tower!

*Misha* said...

the product is not showing up on the website...

Mirella Tume Acaro said...

Hello make deliveries to Peru, I am interested in your products

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