Dia de los Muertos Looks

Last year I did a sugar skull look on myself. This year, I did my parents up in the Dia de los Muertos look too. :)


Vee said...

This is pretty awesome! Great Job!

ChYmEc!nDy** said...

Awesome! Good job.

Christine said...

this is awesome, love this look :)

xoxo Christine


Jasmine said...

i think this is what im going to do this year. please check out my blog for a future post... Love your blog..

iheartmakeup said...

wow that's really cool! Great job!


blazeno.8 said...

You're parents are great sports to get dressed up like this!

LA CABRONA said...

i love it!!

A Brilliant Brunette said...

Thanks everyone! It was actually my mom's idea :D

JASMINA said...

To die for :D!!!

♠Rachel said...

I did a Día de los Muertos look too! That's super cute! They look so adorable together. :D

...Live.Love.MakeUp... said...

How fun! Great Job, your parents are such great sports! :)


Christina said...

Awesome! I celebrate Dia and I'm glad to see examples of make up for the day. Thanks for sharing!

kirstyb said...

love that x

candy apples said...

I'm not familiar with Dia de los Muertos cuz I've only ever lived in Japan.. all I know is that it's a Mexican holiday (..right?) but I think the makeup looks soooo cute♥ I love it! They look like dolls :)


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