My Top 10 Favorite MAC Eyeshadows

All eyeshadows in this post are part of MAC's permanent line, available at counters and stores. None are pro so they're easily accessible to everyone.

Left to Right (over concealer) (in NO particular order)--
Top: Sumptuous Olive, Freshwater, Nocturnelle, Plum Dressing, Coppering
Bottom: Naked Lunch, Wedge, Gorgeous Gold, Mulch, Smut

Sumptuous Olive: Now, I'm not a fan of greens on myself but in terms of my favorite MAC green, this one is it. It's more olive, with a touch of gold to it, making it a much more subdued green; it's like a neutral green for me.

Freshwater: The most gorgeous, shimmering, bright blue. That about sums it up...I just love it.

Nocturnelle: A beautiful red toned purple. This was the first purple I purchased from MAC and the only only I've had to replenish.It's perfect for a pop of color along with neutrals, or going super bright.

Plum Dressing: Very similar to Hepcat, but a very slight but more on the purple side. Since I love my purples and pinks, this one is the perfect combo of both. I love pairing it with Freshwater!

Coppering: I've yet to see any other color that compares to Coppering. There are some that are similar but none match the color and texture exactly. This copper red makes for a smoldering smokey eye, which is what I typically use it for.

Naked Lunch: This was my first MAC highlight color. I tend to stay away from super obvious highlights that are WAY lighter than my skintone. Naked Lunch is right there was my coloring. It gives the perfect shimmery highlight without being too "in your face."

Wedge: I think everyone needs a color that is just a tad darker than their skintone...a matte. Colors like these are great for blending out in between the main/lid colors and the highlight. To me, it just ties a look together. It can even make wearing color a little more doable for some. For me, this color is Wedge.

Gorgeous Gold: I used to hate this color, actually, but now, I adore it. Yellow eyeshadows are beautiful, in my opinion. This one is great because it's not a loud yellow. It's softer and easier for people to wear. I love it as an inner corner highlight.

Mulch: Mulch is basically a medium brown with a touch of golden/copper sparkle to it. Nothing special but for me, I just love how it looks on my skin with my eye can hair color. It's like the perfect brown for me.

Smut: Smut is a pretty cool color. It looks...dirty. It's like a cross between a dark brown, dark grey, and a dark wine (like Sketch...another favorite!). I actually love wearing this color alone for an easy, dirty smokey eye.

So, what are your favorite MAC eyeshadows? Don't have a MAC fave...what other eyeshadows do you love?


island-ish said...

what a hard questions. How were you able to pick ten?! hehe

Some of my faves are the same as yours. I heart smut, tophat, bisque, era and sketch. Just to name a few :)

Thanks for doing this blog!!!!


I ♥ FaShMeTiK said...

ooh, the firt color is beautiful!! i love it! =)

Lyricallyness said...

thanks for this! I was wondering what to get, these all look great! :)

Christine said...

OMG, these colors are so STUNNING. I want them all in my collection <3

Shadowy Lady said...

thank you for this post :) A lot of ur top 10's are also my top 10. My top 10's would be: Gorgeous Gold, Wedge, Sumptuous Olive, Plumage, Smut, Copperplate, Blanc Type, Graphology, Stars n Rockets and Jest.
I use Wedge as my transition shade too. I think we're about the same skintone (I wear SFF in NW25 most of the year).

Steph said...

i love naked lunch! it was my first ever MAC eyeshadow, aw.
plum dressing and nocturnelle look GORGEOUS- i love my purple eyeshadows, too!

Kate said...

You have excellent taste my dear! Those colours are awesome!

Rebecca said...

This is a great post, especially for those of us that tend to get a bit overwhelmed over how many great MAC eyeshadows there are out there! I need to get Coppering now, for sure. It is gorgeous!

roxy said...

i love sumptious olive but keep neglecting it. gotta go back and try it out tomorrow.


kelly said...

ooo im goin to have to purchasemost of these!! stunning colours, great post. TRhanks for sharing xx

snooze. said...

aww, now i have to go and get smut and naked lunch
thanks a lot ;(

trinity said...

love love love!!!! :)

Marie A.K.A. ReeReeKins said...

lets see what else I can add: Ricepaper, contrast, steamy, seedy pearl....a lot of my other faves are LE so I wont even mention those lol.

Yuri said...

Great colors!

s.creamy said...

MAC rly seems to have one of the best eyeshadows.
I like their intensity.
The color I like the most on your photo is the blue one :)

Miss♥Nikka said...

Great faves! Everything except one, you hit pan! I wish I can do that! Hehe. I love freshwater, naked lunch and nocturnelle.

Cynthia said...

Antiqued is my all-time favorite MAC eyeshadow. I've never found a color that's quite the same, and it's so soft and velvety! I also love Retrospeck and Smoke and Diamonds-they're both kind of silvery, kind of golden, and have beautiful shimmer to them. I also love using Expensive Pink or Juiced on my lower browbone to add some warmth to a smokey eye. I also LOVE LOVE LOVE Golden Olive Pigment.

My favorite non-MAC eyeshadow is the L'oreal HIP Shocking Shadow Pigment in Intrepid-the red/brown/purple/plum/green is so interesting and changes depending on how heavy you layer it on and what color base you use underneath it. Gorgeous.

Great post!

JustMe said...

Really pretty colors, which concealer do u use for this swatches?

kimmydadiva said...

Very nice post, Imma be broke after getting these, I need: Freshwater, Nocturnelle, Plum Dressing & Coppering. Do they still have Freshwater at freestanding stores, I thought it was discontinued. Gotta go and look for it.

A Brilliant Brunette said...

@kimmydadiva: I'm pretty sure the Freshwater is still available. We have it at our store and counters at least :)

@JustMe: I use MAC Studio Finish Concealer.

@everyone else :D I'll be doing another post shortly on my REAL favorite MAC shadows...this time I'll be showing you the ones I truly love, meaning there will be some LE, discontinued, and PRO colors in it too. I wanted to do this post first with colors that are easily accessible to everyone :)

* ClaudsMakeUpCorner * said...

Some of those are my favorite colors too. but ive never seen Sumptuous Olive, i just fell in love!

Phyrra said...

My favorite MAC Shades:

Vellum - pale white duochrome with violet-blue opalescent shimmer (frost)
Vapour - soft pale peachy-pink duochrome flecked with violet shimmer (velvet)
Crystal Avalanche - white with reflects (veluxe pearl)
Fairylite - very pale ivory shimmer with opalescent pearl (pigment)

Sushi Flower - Pinky-coral with pink shimmer (satin)
Stars n' Rockets - purple with pink pearl (veluxe pearl)
Silly Goose - muted chartreuse (veluxe)
Mancatcher - pale lilac with purple pearl (frost)
Zingy - bright sky blue (matte)
Partylicious - turquoise with silver pearl (pigment)
Sweet & Punchy - bright yellow green (veluxe pearl)

Knight Divine - black with silver pearl (veluxe pearl)
Copperplate - muted mid-tone grey (matte2)
Atlantic Blue - bright violet blue (matte)
Plumage - dusky peacock (matte)
Satellite dreams - deep dirty plum with violet/blue reflects (veluxe pearl)

Adina said...

I realy love the blue and the purples! :x:x But they all are sooo beautifull

Edwina said...

i love wedge! but i haven't use MAC eyeshadow before. i usually use Clinique.

Flickering Moonlight

Jonna said...

Great colours! I love all those in the first line. x

Sally said...

I'm in love with nocturnelle. This is one of my fav colours :)

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