Wet N Wild/MAC Dupes

Here they are! As promised, MAC dupes for the Wet N Wild palettes (see my original swatch post HERE).

Now, I don't have exact dupes for all of these colors. However, I do have colors close to them. So, I decided to post the colors that are similar along with the exact dupes.

**Swatches over concealer**

Lust Palette

Row 1
Top: Wnw, MAC Baby Petals (Heatherette Trio 2), MAC Hoppin' (Heatherette Trio 1)
Bottom: WnW, MAC Vanilla, MAC Dazzlelight

Row 2
Top: WnW, MAC Fig. 1, MAC Nocturnelle
Bottom: WnW, MAC Beauty Marked, NARS Night Fever

Row 3
Top: WnW, MAC Signed Sealed, MAC Shadowy Lady
Bottom: WnW, MAC Silver Ring, MAC Smoke and Diamonds

Greed Palette

Row 1
Top: WnW, MAC Vanilla, MAC Bisque (which obviously isn't a good dupe. I goofed :D)
Bottom: WnW, MAC Smoke and Diamonds, MAC Silver Ring (I don't have it but MAC Idol Eyes is an identical dupe)

Row 2
Top: WnW, MAC Tete-A-Tint, MAC Arena
Bottom: WnW, MAC Paradisco, MAC Evening Aura, MAC Expensive Pink

Row 3
Top: WnW, MAC Carbon
Bottom: WnW...it's a matte black with multi-colored reflects. MAC's Black Tied would be a dupe with only silver reflects. However, Smashbox's Envy is a perfect dupe for the WnW.


Phyrra said...

Thanks for the comparisons! I can't believe it but I may go pick up one of those WnW palettes!

Connie De Alwis said...

thanks so much for the swatches! The Fig1, Signed and Sealed/Shadowy Lady, and Tete-a-Tint have such close dupes! Some of the WnW colors look more unique too. Can't wait to get these! But I have to wait til my next US haul in September or so. Have been shopping too much lately!

Fintia said...

I have lust and greed and very happy with them

Lizzard said...

awesome job

Miss♥Nikka said...

Omg those are great dupes! Thanks for sharing. I will try these WnW palettes soon!

Miss Nikka

ArtsyMakeupPixxie said...

Love these swatches! I was a little leery of Wet N Wilds palettes but I will definitely go and buy some now. :)

BrownSugarBabe said...

i must have these palettes!

kimmydadiva said...

Thanks for the swatches, now I know what I colors I really dnt need from MAC; yeahhh... I love me sumn dupes!!! Awesome!!

Hell Notes for Beauty said...

great colors and pigmentation.

Nells said...

great job!!really helpful**

MakeupByAlice said...

I have read a lot of positive reviews on this, Im going to check it out myself! Thanks for sharing this!


Ebru said...

This is great! I recently bought 3 of these wet n wild palettes, 2 of the ones you have up here and the green/blue palette also and I love them! It's great to know there are a few colors that are EXACT dupes so I don't have to go out and spend all that money at MAC to get MAC colors :))

kandie said...

i love these WetnWild palettes....the color payoff is great! bonus? the afforability :)

cec said...

wow, i didnt know those wnw palettes was great mac dupes. awesome post! ♥

Abryda said...

I haven't seen these in the stores, are they sold on their website.

Anna said...

I tell you what, Wet N Wild continues to amaze me. For such inexpensive products, you'd think they would be poor quality, but they always deliver!


lola londen said...

can you please tell me which pallet has the areana eyeshadow

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