Introducing the UNII Cosmetics Palette

Introducing the UNII Palette; new from UNII Cosmetics, this palette can hold it all. Whether it's your eyeshadows, blushes, brushes, and even eyeliners and lipliner, it can all be held in this great universal palette. If you can depot it, it can be kept in the UNII Palette.

Each UNII Palette Includes:
• Magnetized Palette, so makeup stays put
• Adhesive magnetic sheet with writable labels
• Large, full-sized mirror for the makeup on the go
• Movable thumb grip
• Tight, rubberized seal prevents leaks
• Durable and purse-friendly
• Makeup not included

Available in 5 colors: Lemongrass, Pomegranate, Twilight, Eggplant, and Snow

$29 each

My review:
Upon receiving these palettes, I was very impressed. The quality is amazing; very well built and the colors are just gorgeous. I actually transferred all of my small pans of MAC eyeshadows (a total of 12) over to my Lemongrass UNII Palette and there is still room for 2 more pans. 

Lemongrass Palette

Closes and locks very securely.

Inside view with 12 MAC eyeshadow pans

1 UNII Palette is the size of 2 MAC quads. 2 MAC quads hold a total of 8 eyeshadows. The UNII Palette holds 14.

Other Colors--



Snow (appears a much brighter white than pictured here):

Writable Self-Adhesive Magnets:

The only con that I see is the price. $29 for one palette might be a little more than what some people are willing to pay. You do have to know though that these palettes were very well made; their better quality than any other palette I've seen. With better quality, comes a higher price. Overall, I do think that they're worth giving a try. For those who want want to save space as well as have something decorative and stylish, like myself, this maybe the palette for you.

Be sure to also check out the UNII Cosmetics website to find more info on the UNII Palettes including care instructions (rubbing alcohol and window cleaners should not be used for cleaning as they can break down the plastic).

Also, I'll be doing a giveaway for this palette soon! :)

These palettes were sent to me complementary of UNII Cosmetics. All opinions are my own.


charmed-chick said...

omg these are so cute i would defo buy them if i had mac makeup :)

Zoffe said...

The only reason I haven't tried these yet is the price.
They look great but $29 just seems a bit much for a palette that holds 14 eyeshadows :/

SilhouetteScreams said...

Oh wow, I knew these were well made, but didn't know exactly HOW well made until I saw your post and breakdown pictures. They're definitely worth the price and so much better than the Z palettes! :)

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