Platinum and Dark Purple Eyes

For me, silver is a bit like dark green or teal. I just don't wear it. I do though, love silver. It's a beautiful color. After having MAC's Platinum pigment for months now, I decided that I should actually step out of my safe little box and give it a try. Using my own advice (pairing colors you don't like with others that you do) I was able to make the pigment work for me and I loved it.

For those of you thinking of getting your hands on Platinum pigment as well, be warned, it is the messiest pigment ever. Gorgeous...but messy. Upon opening the jar, pigment tends to go airborne so be careful...and 99% of the time, you'll get pigment on your hands just from opening the jar. On the plus side, very VERY little goes a long way.

Purple and Copper Eyes Inspired by Nikkie Tutorials

Ever since I saw Nikkie Tutorials' Youtube video for this look, I had to give it a try. I thought it was gorgeous and I still definitely love it.

Plus, Nikkie is amazing! If you're on Youtube and haven't subscribed to her channel yet I highly recommend it. She's adorable, hilarious, and so incredibly talented. A 15 year old that can do makeup like she does, and so much more? Come gotta love her!

Red and Purple Smokey Eye using Heritage Rouge Pigment

When MAC re-released Heritage Rouge pigment, my love of it was rekindled. It is the most most gorgeous, deep-warm red. Paired with a deep plum it created a smoldering smokey eye that I love. I barely ever repeat eye looks, except for the very simple and quick ones, but I've done this a few times already.

Blue and Green Eyes Inspired by Zoffe's Makeup

This look was inspired by a look from the lovely Zoffe's Makeup. I instantly fell in love with it and wanted to give it a try!

You can check out Zoffe's look <--- here :)

Facebook & Twitter iGift4u ---featuring 2 of my pictures!

That's right! Two of my lip pictures are being featured on Facebook & Twitter iGift4u. I'm super excited!

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Review: Nail Couture - Zebra Tipped False Nails

I wanted to give my zebra printed artificial nails from Nailene a try. I absolutely loved the design; very cute! Nailene actually has a good variety of nail designs. Tina Marie Online recently did a post using nails with blue glitter tips.

Glamour Doll Eyes Halloween Set--Butterfly Mask

For the longest time, I wanted to do a butterfly mask. When I received my Glamour Doll Eyes Halloween set, the colors were perfect for a monarch so I gave it a try!

Hope you enjoy! :)

To browse or order, just click the banner!

Teal and Brown Eyes

One of the looks for the article for my Top 5 Eye Shadows for Fall, this look actually features one of my least favorite colors to wear...teal! I've never liked it on me, but through a little experimenting I found that if I use it in moderation and pair it with colors that I do like, it completely changes up my dislike. I surprisingly loved how this look turned out. Plus, I've seen so much teal this year at stores like Macy's, so I'm glad I was able to find a way to make it work.

So, a little tip for you. If you think you can't wear a certain color, pair a little of it with colors that you love wearing, and you may be surprised!

Swatches and (quick) Review: Barbie Loves Stila Smudge Pots

Barbie loves Stila and I can definitely see why! These are the first Smudge Pots I've tried and I think they're wonderful. Great color payoff and GREAT staying power. These Smudge Pots are classified as eyeliners more so than bases but can be used as both. As a base, these are much like MAC Paintpots, but as eyeliners they are better than MAC Fluidline as they do not budge. I've actually applied them on my hand and tried rubbing them away...using my hand, nothing happened...using a washcloth and water, still nothing happened. I actually had to use my makeup remover to get them to come off.

My Top 5 Eye Shadows for Fall for

Click here to check out my Top 5 picks at!

I was recently invited to be a guest blogger for starting with my picks for the Top 5 Eye Shadows for Fall. Hope you all take a look at it! I'm really looking forward to doing more for Become in the future. Hopefully this is the first of many!

Halloween: Super Hero

Super Hero, Dark Avenger, Villainess...whatever you want to call it or however you want to interpret it for yourself, this looks is still very straightforward and easy to do, yet eye catching and mysterious.

Gold and Brown Eyes featuring Too Faced

Another look using the Too Faced Natural Eye Palette which I still adore. For more info and swatches on this palette, click HERE.

NYX Jumbo Pencil Swatches

If you don't have any NYX Jumbo Pencils yet, I highly suggest you pick up a few. They make amazing colored bases. They do however crease, but if applied sparingly, or over an eye primer, the creasing is prevented. I've yet to have a problem with creasing myself, as I apply it over Too Faced Shadow Insurance.

Available at, in Ulta stores, (which is where I got mine), and other select stores (see the NYX website for locations).

Green Eyes featuring Jesse's Girl

I've had my Jesse's Girl makeup for a while but I just haven't used it very much basically because I've had a hard time with the Eye Dusts. While they are afforable they don't necessarily have the best color payoff. However, I recently got a ton of new NYX jumbo pencils in all different colors and to put them to the test, I paired them with some Jesse's Girl Eye Dusts and ta da! I loved it! The two together made for a gorgeous look.

Expect swatches of all my NYX jumbo pencils as well as some from Jesse's Girl coming soon!