Halloween: Sugar Skull

NOTE: For a new, more colorful sugar skull look done in Sept. 2012, CLICK HERE!

After seeing GoldieStarling of Youtube do a Mexican sugar skull look, I had to give it a try myself. This look, like her's, was inspired by Sylvia Ji's amazing artwork.

GoldieStarling's Sugar Skull tutorial:

Black French Tips with Rhinestones featuring Nailene--Review

BEFORE (plain, boring, and short):

AFTER (black tips, rhinestones, and still short):

Using the black French Tip Pen and Bedazzled Nail Art by Nailene, and clear nail polish.

If you recall from my post the other day, I am definitely not a nail expert when it comes to my hands. I'm terrible with doing my nails and when I do I pick the nail polish off within the first week of wear (if not within the first few days). That is, if I can get through the first day without messing my nails up from doing "stuff" before they're completely dry.

Lip Art

Just a few fun pieces of lip art I've done in the past. Leopard, stars, and black with rhinestones. I've included a short explanation of what I did for each one just in case anyone is wondering. The lighting in these pictures was edited but the lips themselves were not.

And yes, these are my lips and my work :)

Pink Leopard

NYX lipliner in Pinky, MAC Impassioned Lipstick, and MAC Blacktrack Fluidline
I started by lining and filling my lips with a bright pink liner. Next, I applied a coat of bright pink lipstick, blotted, then applied another coat, and blotting for a final time. This allowed for a buildup of color without having it be too thick. Last using a craft store brush similar to the MAC 209, I created the leopard design.


MAC Blacktrack Fluidline, MAC Fix+ Spray, MAC pigments )Golden Lemon, Mutiny, and Fuchsia), Duo clear lashglue, craft store rhinestones, and MAC clear Lipglass
I started by using a lip brush to apply a black gel liner to my entire lip area, allowing it to set. Next, using the Fix+ and pigments, I created "paints" and carefully drew the stars using a brush similar to the MAC 209, then allowing them to dry. Then, using lash glue, I applied the rhinestones where desired. After everything was dry and had set, I very lightly used my finger to press lipgloss over my lips; not all over, just in certain spots for a bit of shine.
Black with rhinestones:

MAC Blacktrack Fluidline, Duo clear lash glue, and craft store rhinestones
Definitely the easiest of all, I simply used a lip brush to apply a black gel liner to my lips. Then I finished off by using the lash glue to stick the rhinestones on where I desired.

Green and Blue Eyes featuring MAC

This look was inspired by ThePinkLadyJ on Youtube. She's lovely ♥ Click HERE to see her Apples and Blueberries tutorial.

Super easy look and I really do just love Rated R eyeshadow. And that is all ♥. And finally got my watermark under control with how I want it :D

Eyeshadow Placement and Diagram

(Revlon Colorstay liquid liner and eyeshadows from the original 88 palette)

I get asked quite a lot about how and where to place eyeshadow on the eyes; the parts of the lid area basically. Yes, there are different ways to apply eyeshadow but for the sake of ease this is just a basic representation of eyeshadow placement and areas of the eye. The placement can change depending on the look. As for the areas, since eye shadows vary, these areas may not be exactly how they are shown here. However, the basic segmentation is very similar regardless of eye shape.

Too Faced Natural Eye Palette (swatches and color breakdown)

This is my first experience with Too Faced eyeshadows and I am incredibly impressed. The shadows are so soft and easy to blend; a little goes a very very long way. This palette in particular is so versatile; the colors are natural and easy to wear, but at the same time there are so many different possibilities with just these 9 colors. You can go from daytime to nighttime and dramatic with just this one palette.

Details, Swatches and color breakdowns...

MAC Pigment Swatches


**Please note that the swatches are only of the 22 pigments pictured. The glitters will come later. Also, all swatches were over concealer which is my base of choice for my eyes now.**

PRO = Available on MACpro.com
LE = Limited Edition
DC = Discontinued
(If they're marked LE/DC that means I have no clue which one they are...sorry. But if they're not marked at all they're part of MAC's permanent line)