Review: Nail Couture - Zebra Tipped False Nails

I wanted to give my zebra printed artificial nails from Nailene a try. I absolutely loved the design; very cute! Nailene actually has a good variety of nail designs. Tina Marie Online recently did a post using nails with blue glitter tips.

These are great for when you need a nice nail makeover on short notice or maybe, like me, you don't like going to the salon and having other artificial nails put on. While these glue on nails can be a challenge to apply due to air bubbles, with some practice, application becomes easier.

Here are some application tips, from my personal experience:
1. Instead of applying the glue to the natural nail as directed on the packaging, apply 1-3 drops of glue on the fake nail (more glue for large nails, you shouldn't need more than 3 drops).
2. Next, press the artificial down onto the surface of your natural nail, keeping pressure on only the tip of the nail. Hold for 20-30 seconds.
3. If air bubbles appear, using as much pressure as possible, press down on top of where the air bubble is. Adjusting the pressure toward the edge of the nail, guiding as much of the the air out as possible.
4. Practice makes perfect. Almost. I still always end up with air bubble on my thumbs.

--Great for a quick nail makeover
--Various sizes for all nails
--Natural length
--Various designs
--Pink glue makes for a more natural appearance

--Glue can be messy. Remember to use as little as possible.
--Air bubbles

For where to find Nailene, click HERE.

For more pictures of my Nailene haul click HERE.


Tina Marie said...

I love the zebra design! Yours turned out way better than how I applied mine. (: I hardly noticed any air bubbles.

rayqueenbee said...

This is very cute and neat. I wish I had some length on my nails, can't break from the biting nails syndrome.

GoldBeauty88 said...

oohh Im a big fan of zebra prints :D the nails look HOT!!

Rai said...

Love zebra print! Cute!

natalya said...

They look amazing!! xxx

Arezu said...

Aw, those are really cute!

The Bargainista said...

love nailine nails, I wear them almost all the time because I am allergic to liquid monomer so I cant have acrylic nails! These are fab on you! :)

Also, another trick for the air bubbles on the thumbs...If you put 2 drops of glue on the nail tip and then 1 drop on your natural nail, then press the nail on, you wont have the air bubble problem! :) (or at least, I dont anymore! lol)

Latina8184 said...

Those are so cute! Lovin the zebra print! :)

hungeryjack said...

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jasmine said...

where can u get nails like those,and they look perfect and love the zebra print

Sarah said...

i just love the zebra design it is awesome

austin_barrett21 said...

thoes are some really cute nails but they would look better in red lolz

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