Facebook & Twitter iGift4u ---featuring 2 of my pictures!

That's right! Two of my lip pictures are being featured on Facebook & Twitter iGift4u. I'm super excited!

This app was rated BEST by iPhone Application List and includes:

- over 250 virtual gifts (iGifts) from the exclusive continuously growing iGift Collection – Unique to iGift4u!
- video from YouTube – Unique to iGift4u!
- your videos taken with the iPhone and uploaded to YouTube – Unique to iGift4u!
- your pictures
- pictures taken with the iPhone camera
- any image/drawing created and/or modified with other iPhone apps
*info courtesy of iPhone App Index

Price: 99cents
Go to http://itunes.com/app/iGift4u to purchase!


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  3. Just so everyone knows, I removed the comments to keep the lovely ladies' e-mail addresses private.

    Giveaway CLOSED! :)

  4. Awn darn, I wish I had found your blog sooner! I just discovered it last night :(


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