Too Faced Natural Eye Palette (swatches and color breakdown)

This is my first experience with Too Faced eyeshadows and I am incredibly impressed. The shadows are so soft and easy to blend; a little goes a very very long way. This palette in particular is so versatile; the colors are natural and easy to wear, but at the same time there are so many different possibilities with just these 9 colors. You can go from daytime to nighttime and dramatic with just this one palette.

Details, Swatches and color breakdowns...

Upon opening the palette, there is a pocket which holds 3 cards giving 3 of the endless ideas for looks.

Eyeshadows and swatches (laid out on my hand in the same order as in the palette):

No base:

With a base (concealer):

Color Breakdown (colors from left to right):
HEAVEN: A cream colored matte with a very soft creamy texture. This color makes a beautiful highlight or a smooth base on the entire eye area. Definitely one of my favorites.

VELVET REVOLVER: A soft matte brown also of a very creamy texture. This color makes a great crease and transition color. It can also be used as an overall wash of color for deep skintones.

SEXPRESSO: A very deep dark matte brown that is also soft in texture but not quite as soft as Heaven and Velvet Revolver. It's great for smudging at the lashline or deepening the crease.

SILK TEDDY: A shimmery champagne eyeshadow that is soft and easy to work with. It would be lovely as a highlight, on the inner corner of the eyes, or to add a little shimmer to the lid.

PUSH-UP: This golden brown is similar in texture to Silk Teddy. This would be a gorgeous lid color when going for a darker look, as well as a more neutral look for deep skintones.

EROTICA: This deep dark brown is similar in color to Sexpresso, however there is a hint of golden sparkle that actually stays on during application. So lovely for a dramatic look with that added glistening detail.

NUDE BEACH: Though it is very similar to Silk Teddy, Nude Beach has a bit of added pizazz with it's hint of glitter. Still smooth and easy to work with, this color would be great to layer over other colors to give a bit more sparkle. However, out of all 9 colors, this one does give a bit of fall out with the glitter being slightly more on the chunky side.

HONEY POT: A gorgeous warm gold, this color is smooth and incredibly versatile. It can be used as a wash of color, on the lid, inner corners of the eyes, or anywhere you desire. It would also make a great golden highlight color for darker skintones.

COCOA PUFF: With a similar texture to Erotica, this color however is more of a golden brown, still with that touch of gold sparkle. It would be lovely in the crease or smudged along the bottom lashline.


Aquaheart said...

So happy you did this post! I was thinking about buying this and now I must! :D

GoldBeauty88 said...

I never knew they had this palette out? the colours look very stunning i might just have to grab this one for sure!!

Superficialgirl said...

They look really pretty!

Rai said...

I love this palette! I swear when I saw the swatches on someone's blog or something the other day. But it's not worth $34 to me. =/ lol
It's soooo freaking tiny. Hopefully it'll go on sale.

Envy-ous said...

BEAUTIFUL!!! Great colors and I love the tutorial cards. I bought this set for my 38 year old teacher best friend and my 16 year old niece for their August birthdays. They both loved it! I guess I need to go buy myself one too! ;)

CassandraKK said...

Gorgeous.. You are fast becoming my number one enabler!! :) Thanks for the great post.

resham said...

this is a lovely palette, but from swatches they look dupeable to me (at least to me)...can u suggest MAC dupes for i have tons of browns n seriously wana save money by not buying this...:)
Colors are soo lovely.....

A Brilliant Brunette said... are some dupes for you (Too Faced color listen first, MAC second)

Silk Teddy/Naked Lunch
Nude Beach/Naked Lunch
Velvet Revolver/Wedge
Honey Pot/Goldmine or Flip (if you have it)
Sexpresso/Brun or Espresso
Erotica/Espresso or Smut
Cocoa Puff/Swiss Chocolate

Hope that helps!

resham said...

IT sure did help......u saved me some serious i have all these dupes, all i have to do is recreate ur lovely looks....


Yalanda said...

Hello!! I love your blog xoxox How can I keep this pallet from looking ashy on me (especially the highlight colors)? I love the colors, but once I place them together they don't retain their individual color/ pigment/ intensity. I use Mac paint pot; but, when I blend these colors together (especially creasing) they mutate into another color, which is quite unflattering and greenish! I would also like to know why you use Too Faced Shadow Insurance (primer) and MAC Painterly Paintpot (base) simultaneously??

LucĂ­a said...

Wow! I was looking for swatches of the Too faced palettes and yours are amazing! Thank you very much. Your descriptions, photos and reviews were so helpful for me!

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