MAC Pigment Swatches


**Please note that the swatches are only of the 22 pigments pictured. The glitters will come later. Also, all swatches were over concealer which is my base of choice for my eyes now.**

PRO = Available on
LE = Limited Edition
DC = Discontinued
(If they're marked LE/DC that means I have no clue which one they are...sorry. But if they're not marked at all they're part of MAC's permanent line)

Left to right:
Vanilla, Naked, Jardin Aires (LE), Shimmertime (LE/DC), Pink Opal

Left to right:
Pink Bronze, Copper Sparkle, Off the Radar (LE/DC), Heritage Rouge (LE), Copperbeam (LE)

Left to right:
Pinked Mauve (LE/DC), Fuchsia, Lovely Lily (LE), Violet, Softwash Grey (LE/DC)

From left to right:
Mutiny (LE), Bell Bottom Blue (LE), Teal, Platinum (PRO), Dark Soul

Left to Right:
Melon, Golden Lemon


angie said...

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!! these are going to help a lot in my decision making of which to buy :P

Katie Ms. Cocktail Smarty said...

ooooo I want them all!! lol Thanks for posting Great swatches!!

myystiqueen said...

thank you so much for the swatches... ^^

rayqueenbee said...

omg ... wow. awesome color choices. I like the row with pink bronze etc....I'm gonna add those colors in that row to my list....Thanks dear!

Rai said...

Thanks! I adore Teal. =D

Kell said...

i want ALL of these.. theyre all so cute :)

tagged you on my blog, by the way!

Tina Marie said...


iheartjewels said...

ooh wow I like those..

(:ScArLeT:) said...

Thx 4 this. Beautiful colours. I luv pinked mauve n softwash grey. Mutiny n teal is pretty too.

GoldBeauty88 said...

such pretty colours!

resham said...

thanks for the swatches....:)

Jeniferek said...

I love the Heritage Rouge and Platinum. Just Great!

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