Black French Tips with Rhinestones featuring Nailene--Review

BEFORE (plain, boring, and short):

AFTER (black tips, rhinestones, and still short):

Using the black French Tip Pen and Bedazzled Nail Art by Nailene, and clear nail polish.

If you recall from my post the other day, I am definitely not a nail expert when it comes to my hands. I'm terrible with doing my nails and when I do I pick the nail polish off within the first week of wear (if not within the first few days). That is, if I can get through the first day without messing my nails up from doing "stuff" before they're completely dry.

With these Nailene products though, I was able to avert a lot of those issues (minus the picking which we won't talk about). First, the French Tip Pen--easy to use, no mess, and quick drying. I really do mean quick too. My black tips dried within seconds of application. I was actually amazed. The Nail Art is equally as wonderful. Again, easy to use, no messy glue required; completely self-adhesive and only requires a top coat of clear nail polish. I seriously did my nails in less than 15 minutes, start to finish, including drying time.

I have no cons or complaints about either of these products. Both are wonderful!

To find out where to find these great products, click HERE.

Up next, the Couture Runway Designs nails...and I promise not to pick at them this time.


Rai said...

Love the nails!

And it's gives you a black tip!! I want that.

Makeup Mama said...

Cute! Lately I can't stand doing my nails, cuz I do the dishes once and they're all chipped :(

btw, you've got a few awards waiting for you on my blog!

Demoness said...

I suggest Seche Vite top coat. I, too, tend to mess up my nails because I don't have the patience to wait for them to dry. That top coat saves me. I CAN wait the 5 minutes it takes for it to dry completely.

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