More from Glamour Doll Eyes!

TOP ROW: Violent, Glam Girl, and Victorian
BOTTOM ROW: Cloud Coverage, Blueberry Lush, and Flashdance

Swatches over concealer:

FOTD and tutorial using all 6 color coming tomorrow! ♥

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I received 6 new Glamour Doll Eyes colors the other day and I have to say that I love them. These are probably some of my favorite colors so far! As always each one is incredibly pigmented and easy to work with. I will say though, that if you're not used to working with matte loose eyeshadows, Cloud Coverage may be a bit different for you. Loose mattes work differently and tend to require a bit more effort than loose shadows that have a bit of shimmer to them. Regardless, I personally love it!

If you're interested in any of these colors be sure to check them out samples with every order!

Something a little fun too...CBT's Closet has created an adorable laser cut "Glamour Doll" necklace. Check it out! Get 10% off your CBT's Closet order with the coupon code: cbt10.


Rai said...

These are soooo pretty!
I have yet to place an order with them yet though. lol

Tina Marie said...

You're so lucky to have gotten Glam Girl! I ordered it but they sent a diff color. It's such a gorgeous purple!

GoldBeauty88 said...

Oooh the colours look SO GORGEOUS!

Razmatazz Whimsy said...

Next pay check, $30 of Glamour Doll has my name on it. Thanks for swatching!

Solange said...

very pretty colors that just pop!

krista carlson said...

I really think these are pretty...I love Glam Girl and Blueberry lush....

NattynGeorge said...

Wow! I love glamgirl and victorian!

dear vincent price said...

I'm so glad you mentioned that about Cloud Coverage. I actually own it and have a hard time working with it. I'm not sure if it doesn't show up as well because I'm so pale? It's the only one I just absolutely cannot work, haha.

☠Makeup by Jacqueline☠ said...

@dear prince vincent Have you tried using it over a white base? Either NYX jumbo pencil in Milk or a white eyeliner? That may help you a bit :)

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