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Hey everyone :)

It's been a while, hasn't it? has been around since 2009 and has been focused on beauty (mainly makeup) ever since. It was my safe zone and it brought me so much exposure and success that I'll forever be thankful for. Writing solely about makeup though...*sigh* got old. I mean, 5 years is a long time and while makeup is fun and awesome, I can only write about it so much. So, when I got bored with it I stopped blogging, which I'm sure you noticed. Originally I was going to just let my domain expire and be done. That decision was made months ago, but then I slowly began to miss blogging but I couldn't see going back to the makeup thing again.

Recently though, I started noticing something on my Instagram posts with the most likes are the ones that aren't makeup related at all. They're my outfit random things about my life. Then it came to me...

Why not turn my makeup blog into a lifestyle blog that incorporates all of those things? It's something different, but better I think.

I immediately started working on it. New color scheme, new layout (that I LOVE), cleaned up my tags which was the most tedious task ever...

And boom!

Done. not only got a makeover in how it looks, but it's also going to have all new content.

I'm super excited about blogging again and look forward to sharing more. I'm excited to get to know my followers all over again too!

So, here's to lots of new blogging adventures!

Change is good.


Lorac Pro Palette FOTD

Totally loving my Lorac Pro Palette since I got it! Lorac seriously has some of the most luxurious eyeshadows. Pigmented, easy to blend, and although they're powders, they apply so beautifully creamy. If you haven't tried Lorac shadows, I highly recommend them. 

And since I'm professing my love for products...Urban Decay 24/7 lipliners are totes amazeballs ^_^ I'm wearing one of their red here (called 69), and it's the best red lipliner I've ever tried. They go on and wear amazingly. It's definitely time for me to pick up another!

FYI, this is the look I wore for my latest eyebrow tutorial. Check it our if you haven't!

My MAC Favorites

As a beauty blogger, this is probably one of my most requested product posts. As a reformed MAC addict, I'm surprised it's taken me this long to do it. Over the years I've tried tons of MAC products. There was a time when I ONLY used MAC. Now, with more brands in my arsenal, and having tried tons more products, it's become more clear what my true MAC favorites are (and my true faves from other brands too). The products you'll find in this post are ones that I've been using consistently for years.

Painterly Pro Longwear Paintpot

FOTD: Pinot Noir

It was a cold, windy, rainy day so I felt like it was time to rock some of my favorite dark colors (with a pop of bright blue and purple too!).