OOTD: All Souls Procession

plus size ootd dia de los muertos

It was pretty recently that I was introduced to Buffalo Exchange. It's a consignment shop where they buy and sell used clothes and accessories. Like any second hand store, you have to take the time to search for things you might want and sometimes you come out empty handed. They have a lot of cool, quirky things though if you're willing to look for them, and for the most part they're pretty on trend.

I quickly stopped in recently just to pick up this All Souls Procession shirt. If you're not familiar with it, All Souls Prcession was inspired by Mexico's Dia de los Muertos. Yearly here in Tucson, in the beginning of November, there's a huge ceremony in honor of it. You can read more All Souls Procession and its history HERE.

plus size ootd dia de los muertos

Lettuce wraps are my new favorite thing

Tucson restuarant

A few evenings ago I ended up going out to dinner with my family. There's this yummy little Chinese restaurant in Oro Valley called Harvest Moon. They weren't always yummy. I mean they were...then they weren't...now they are again. And what makes it even better is that they have Happy Hour every evening from 4pm-6pm. I have no idea how much drinks are but their appetizers are half price. So needless to say, it's our new haunt.

My favorite thing there is their lettuce wraps. A mixture of veggies and a little ground chicken, lettuce to wrap the filling, and a side of hoisin sauce...delicious, healthy, filling, and only $4.50 during Happy hour!

I also really like their moo shu tofu but it's not an appetizer soooooo...yeah.

Tucson restuarant

If you happen to be in Tucson (or Oro Valley) and go to Harvest Moon...

OOTD: A nice warm fall day

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It's still now quiet cool enough for me here in Arizona, although I admit it was gorgeous today. Just the right mixture of warm and cool, a nice breeze, sunny with a little cloud cover, and it rained a bit earlier too.

Since it wasn't baking hot out, was definitely a boot day...gotta take advantage of days like this as often as possible. Boots are my favorite! None of what I have on in this post is new, but the pieces are so basic that it'd be easy to find similar pieces this year too.

 photo ootd2_zpsafa815ca.jpg

I don't remember where but I heard it snowed somewhere already. Crazy! How's fall where you live?

I love Chuck

Chucks! I mean chucks...not Chuck.

Like I said in my last post I like a good deal when shopping, and when those good deals come in the form of shoes, it's hard to say no. I bought my first pair of chucks earlier this year and fell in love. They're soooo comfy and perfect for casual wear. But since they're grey and white polka dot printed (check them out HERE...way cute right?), they don't really match many of my casual clothes.

When I went to Marshalls the other day, I found another pair that would go with more outfits so I couldn't resist.

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